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  • Vast Shadow

    Harvard Sucks.

    There isn't anything that even comes out of that school that has the intellectual capacity to govern right from wrong... Its like all the rich idiots in the USA all accumulate in that one retard school.

    The only thing that really help is to make scams of the USA comes out of Harvard. Facebook... GOOGLE... Napster... Microsoft... All scam, crap organizations all festered from that hole of an institute. Seriously... There is not one creditable, note-worthy, academic-honorary notion that has once spawned from that cesspool of rich douches.

    An then they splurge onto saying they create things. Microsoft didn't create Dos, did not even create the frame work of Windows. IBM did.
    Facebook didn't create social media... They just got tired of myspace and made facebook. Same idiots.
    Google was not the best search engine in the planet... But they sure materilized money to get their crap on TV so people would follow.
    Napster didn't generate the first MP3 player or FTP sharing. But they sure started the trend of putting a price tag on it...

    Funny it is with all these stories they squat into procastinating they are these Online notoriety... But really, they don't know anything -- They are so clueless to what is obtained of them and watched of them... Just because they make USA look like a crack-pot of a country.
    You have Microsoft putting backdoors on systems... Blaming a foreign country for their doings.
    You have facebook stalking its users.
    You have Google... Manifesting IP DNS info and marketing data.

    Those are USA companies... That make USA look like shit. An they wonder why they get so much scorn... OH THEY DID NOTHING wrong...
    Microsoft is banned from Germany.
    Russia and China has banned and limited Facebook.
    China and Japan block a lot of Google content and even made a god damn GREAT firewall. Just because of those organizations. The world wide web has not been the WORLD wide. Since those e-tard of organizations spouted.

    What has ever came from Harvard... That did not put stains on USA?

    An they been given ample amount of times to do the right thing... But they just lie and attempt to blind side the USA.
    Facebook founder had ample chances to help place a congressional aspect onto the online world... They only lied about it and favored e-friends they personally knew. It was just a ploy... They never had any vote system, nor cared what anyone liked of their domain. Facebook is designed specifically to process and harvest user data... They block user ability just to hope their userdata harvesting never gets hampered.

    Microsoft founder had ample amounts of times to help securitize the USA. Turns around markets user data and evenly today blames foreign countries of their wrong doings.

    Google had a chance to sign in with the FCC and help create free wifi... Their whole ploy was just to inherit ISP domain custody -- Just so that they could manifest even more market data of users.

    Napster had a chance to be a i-tunes for PC... They didn't wanna share profits. But got forced to anyway.

    There is this massive firewall in china... For those companies to not F^ foreigners stuff. Those companies are from USA and do not see people as individuals... They see people as money to be made of. Do they ever change their habits, NOPE. They just don't get it how.. they lose support and no one wants to work or be affiliated with them... SO GUESS WHAT -- THEY AFFILIATE WITH THEMSELVES. With one or two exceptions.

    You don't have to ... BE IN THE KNOW... OR have the `right friends... To see any of that. You just have to look at their products.