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  • John Wynn

    Anyone else remember the Christmas letters that people used to send extolling their family's triumphs and virtues for the preceding year? Unfortunately, those letters have morphed into daily, nay hourly, updates on Facebook. While I love having the ability to keep in touch with my family and friends with click or two...sometimes it's just too much information.

    On a more serious note,I value social media because it is a vehicle for profound social change, the sharing of inspired ideas and for expanding one's knowledge of the world.

    It is up to us to sift through the good, the bad and the ugly and create our own responsible online presence that enhances and enriches our life in the "real" world.

    Thanks for a remarkable, thought-provoking article...I'd say that it definitely falls in the "good" category!

    • Lashes

      Definitely agree with you John. There has to be a form of balance without becoming engrossed within the social change.

      Always GOOD to hear an appreciative comment, so thank you.

  • Hannah Kim

    Interesting read! Do you still refrain from using Facebook? Lately I've become increasingly distressed by my attachment to social media sites and technology. I really want to unplug but it's so difficult.
    What other benefits have you experienced after ceasing to use sites such as Facebook? And do you have any tips for people seeking to do the same? I'd love to hear back from you

    • Lashes

      Hi Hannah,

      Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated!

      To answer your questions, I still do not have a personal account on Facebook. I only manage my companies FB page because of the nature of my job as a social communications manager (ironically to my opinions lol)

      You will find that it is quite difficult to detach yourself from social sites because it has so dramatically become part of our lives and daily routines. So when you do close your eyes and make the jump, you could very well feel withdrawn from the world, and I am sure that according some study from some institution it could be found that it could make you feel withdrawals, even depression and loneliness.

      When you get to that point, you will realize just how dependent you are on being in the "buzz", I found it personally to be rather pathetic to have such a neediness control you.

      Anyways, there are many benefits and also many benefits for being connected. I find that I am no longer driven by a need to see what is going on in peoples lives, I like to refer to FB as "
      glorified stalkerism".

      It eliminates the unnecessary. Removes the platform for vulnerable vents and helps me focus on the people that matter.

      My advice to you is, try it out even if its just to discover the social dependence we have on social media. It may help you feel less cluttered and less powerless over technology. Another way to force yourself to do so is to switch phones for a week to one of those old Nokia 3310's and let me know how that goes :)

      • Hannah Kim

        That's sounds awesome! What you said kind of reminds me of this other study that shows that people actually feel depressed after looking at social media sites- women especially, because we feel like our lives don't measure up to the glossy psuedo-reality of other's lives on social media outlets. We might feel depressed from disconnecting initially, but constantly being attached to others' lives and life updates can make us feel jealous as well--- since a lot of social media is geared at making your life look super fun and engaging.

        I completely agree with you- I hate being overly attached to my laptop, phone and social media sites. It doesn't leave me feeling rewarded in any way- I would much rather spend my time on worthwhile activities and things I genuinely enjoy.

        Your post reminds me of this Do:
        I definitely want to try this out- and in the long run maybe even disconnect from Facebook.

        • Lashes

          I have read something similar to that yes. It makes perfect sense and an almost "inconvenient truth".

          Thank you for directing me to that post, WOW, I was just so impressed. Seriously puts my thoughts and opinions into perspective. Absolutely love the idea. Definitely think I will blog about "Shabbat" experience next.

          • Hannah Kim

            No problem, I love that post as well.
            That'd be great, if you do, please share it on Good! :)