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  • abefroman

    How Awesome!! What a great way to reach our kids!!!

  • Diego Diaz

    We all needed this hero. The new generations really have to learn about climate change. To be their own heroes to help our planet in the next years. I know we had Captain Planet some years ago, but i guess we never understood the message. Maybe we thought that global warming was also a fantastic story. Now we don't. So thanks for introducing us to Green Ninja. Let's spread the word!

  • Rosalie Murphy

    When I was in elementary school, we had to play computer games with this guy: It was pretty simplistic, but I think it turned all of us on to recycling and conservation. Love this idea!

    • Eugene Cordero

      Thanks for sharing Olliesworld, pretty cool! We'll add that to our teacher resources - thanks!

  • Jen Busfield

    I think the Green Ninja Project is a great idea to impact today's generation of kids...and help parents like me explain to elementary-aged kiddos why we implement sustainable life choices. I help manage an online platform focused on sustainable options and definitely shared the video and the link to connect on FB. I think our community is going to LOVE it!!

    • Julie Gabrielli

      Thanks for the reminder to share. I'm sending on to our school's sustainability coordinator now. ;-)

    • Eugene Cordero

      Thanks for sharing! It's always nice to hear that parents find our films helpful in telling a story about sustainable living. If you have any suggestions for what else we can do to help, let me know.

  • Julie Gabrielli

    Clever! I'm always looking for new ways to message. I watched the footprint one and was impressed by how much you packed into a very watchable, fun video. One question -- what if it gives people the wrong impression, that a green superhero will come and fix up your house while you lie in bed? I.e., does this run the risk of falling into the trap of "it's easy" which can backfire when people run into that first inevitable roadblock?

    • Eugene Cordero

      You raise a good point and something we grapple with as well. One approach we've taken is designing educational experiences around a film like this one that encourage students to take the role of the Green Ninja and take their own action. The contest we ran last semester is such an example ( We've also had some some students making their own Green Ninja films - another way for students to role play some energy efficient behaviors. If you have other ideas of how to avoid potential roadblocks, we'd to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

      • Julie Gabrielli

        Wonderful! I do need to check out the whole campaign before I start to worry. The story structure of "hero's journey" is a powerful tool, I agree. And the idea of getting the viewer to identify with the hero - to awaken their own hero inside - is brilliant. Have you read this book? "Winning the Story Wars" by Jonah Sachs. He and his team are the talent behind "The Meatrix" and "Grocery Store Wars," both videos on enviro messages that went viral. It's a great resource.

  • rjr245

    I'm doing a study abroad program in Australia right now called "Sustainability and Environmental Action." Almost 1/3 of the kids in the group are focusing their projects on finding ways to educate kids about climate change and living sustainably. They're going to love this!

    • Eugene Cordero

      Sounds an interesting program. I lived in Australia for about five years (in Melbourne at Monash Uni) and although they face similar challenges as we do in the US, there is also a lot of interest in these topics. Good on ya for sharing, thanks!

  • Roscoe Chaz

    "Green Ninja: A Smokey the Bear for Climate Change" - What happened to Captain Planet?!

  • jdmumma

    Bravo, very creative!
    Are you really promoting eggs, milk and meat as 'small footprint' foods?

    • Eugene Cordero

      Thanks for your comment. Our primary focus for the fridge scene is eating fresh foods instead of processed foods. We have other films that target the carbon footprint of different foods - like the burrito showdown (beef vs chicken).

  • shodo.spring

    Can we see the Ninja taking some action on the Keystone pipeline, mountaintop removal, and fracking for natural gas? Personal change is great but we need some serious action. Show me some and I'll get involved.

  • Raciel D

    Where's Captain Planet and the Planeteers? :)

  • Sarah Matsumoto

    I think the idea of a climate change "mascot" of sorts is great. This particular one reminds me a bit too much of "Greenzo" from 30 Rock, though... Oh well. If it works to get people paying attention to their carbon footprint, hooray!

  • goodforeverything

    The Green Ninja is a great way to help make energy conservation and smart energy use an excepted way of living. GOOD job!
    BTW, to be really picky, there is no "the" in Smokey Bear's name.