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Google celebrates teachers who make a difference - October 5 is World Teachers' Day

Thomas Ciszek

Every October 5th since 1994, teachers globally have had a single collective voice and found a way to discuss their challenges. Google's technologies have undoubtedly changed the way teaching (and learning) occurs and they're celebrating teachers who use tech to make a difference in the classroom

This year's theme is: "Take a stand for teachers"

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  • OnwardPacks

    So my business gives items to schools, right? And every time we head out to a school and talk with the teachers, all we hear is how dedicated they are to their kids. How they go out with their own money and buy sports supplies because the kids can't play at recess, or buy books for the library because there aren't enough new things to read.

    With so many great examples in the world of countries who absolutely VALUE their teachers, I never can really get over how little we value ours. So Continue on Google, I say! Let's raise some awareness of how awesome these people are! Give them the support they need and show them some appreciation!

  • Vast Shadow

    Teachers are great... Some anyway. I think its just my local public school system in the area, that is by far the most flawed. But than I've seen online colleges purposely fail students just too obtain income... Unless they can get more out of the student -- Referring to University of Phoenix. But online schools are not real schools, just charter schools... That are being liquidated to only be able to give certificates, for numerous of reasons(Thank you for your time).

    But public schools... I had few decent teachers in my day, from middle school to high school. Mainly english teachers(except this football coach who was an english teacher and told kids in his class that all races should have sex with each other just to eliminate sexual differences -- irrelevant to the course) but my english teachers loved me and often put me into classes I did not want to be in. Because I understood punctuations and what ever seamlessly, I even wrote great poetry -- As I was told. Great wonderful teachers, giving me chores and crap I never wanted to do. Math teachers and Science teachers disliked me for I would question many things and procreate more rational conception, and even disprove the context OFTEN. But I had a brilliant black math teacher before, also.... Very smart down to earth and funny.

    Not to sound modest, but great teachers are very rare. But when you find them, you never forget them. I only wish there was more teachers to remember like so -- Teachers often forget, they are doing more then some remedial job... They are a big part in that individual's life. Like in my town... All the teachers are protesting over pay, but really -- The content they teach even more pathetic but they complain over pay.

    I just don't understand it... There comes a time in your life that you realize you are doing a job not for money, but for the enjoyment of it(Walt Disney partial quote). For those teachers who don't give about their pay and just like to enlighten people... My hat goes off to them.

    For those who bitch and even suck at teaching... I'd shoot them out from a massive cannon, into the sun.

  • Joe Kellum

    As I am married to a junior high school teacher, there are not enough words to describe what a teacher has to go through to prepare to inspire a kid to learn. One of the lowest paid professions in the United States, which continually adds more requirements to the list of what should be accomplished with less days and no increase in pay. But year in and year out, our legislators are more than willing to sacrifice the education of our youth to the special interest of that year.

    • Thomas Ciszek

      You're right Joe - there are not enough words! Teachers are among the most patient when it comes to education policy changes; here's to appreciatively celebrating everything they do for their students and for society this week.