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  • jmaxman

    Actually, for those open-minded enough [read hollow-headed] to believe in macro-evolution, things like turtles dying off, species being eliminated, etc. should be joy and glad tidings. Since the core of EVERY version (and, oh yes there are many) of evolution is "survival of the fittest", the macro-evolutionists should be dancing a jig at every so-called 'loss'. One more step toward perfection of the planet. So, in the words of my great-aunt Ida, kwitcherbitchin!

    And to sallmbag below regarding this being all the fault of the US, no one society is responsible for any of it. All societies make waste. Virtually all societies adjust the environment to accommodate themselves. But if you believe that the US is some 'special kind of evil' or whatever, and you live here, get out or die off. Be a positive change according to your own beliefs.

  • Right On

    First and foremost, the evolutionary false theory has been proven time and time again as lacking foundation. From Lucy in the Congo (Louis B. Leakey found - is an orangutang), Cro-magnon (brain capacity larger than human - is modern man), Neanderthal man (brain capacity larger than human - is modern man), Piltdown man (determined hoax after forty years). Then there is DNA, which has shown that proteins do not change as the evolutionists have believed. Bone structure and skin, both made of protein, are known not have uniform mutations of their DNA. Evolutionary false theories have changed or had materially different explanations at least 4 times in the last thirty years. Oh yah, there are no links to man. NONE. The evolutionists will tell you that there are, but they have had absolutely no evidence. Just because you say something is does not make it so. Those that think they came from an amoeba, well it does seem like they did with their kind of reasoning. So amoeba evolved to take advantage of food sources that just happen to be evolving at the same time. Interesting. In other words, the evolving amoeba evolved into a form that could be sustained. The species changed its digestive system, its nervous system, its mental capacity, its physical traits to survive in the environment. The amoeba must have known how to change its systems in unison to insure the next link's preservation, or did it? So within the amoeba there is all this ability to anticipate the needs of the next link. I think we have given the amoeba too much credit. After all it is only a single cell and has limited ability. To answer the question. The chicken came before the egg, or how else was the egg incubated? How old is this question and it is now simply answered? I got this answer in a church service five years ago. Before that I had never known this answer and I believe this answer was not well known.

  • Nicole Holgate

    Do people that immerse themselves in gaming to the extent that they rarely go outside experience beneficial effects from being part of a game that is an outside experience in the same way (eg running across fields, even if in a warlike atmosphere)? Otherwise, how would they survive it mentally? Some people do seem totally capable of living without nature.

  • salimbag

    Everyone is missing the point. Here's the problem with this, it's the same self-aggrandizing mistake that is consistently made. HUMANS are not out of place in the world. MODERN WESTERN HUMANS are. We are not the whole world, people. Just a small aberrant part. There was a great study done out of University of British Columbia called "the weirdest people in the world," where weird is an acronym for Western Educated Industrial Rich Democracies. It's US, not HUMANITY. Get it?

  • turtle_slow

    I have always thought that cities were unnatural, as they are. I notice the effect of nature on myself, in fact I feel a sense of longing for nature. I'm so glad that some of us are finally talking about it.

  • Tom Maybrier

    Very interesting ideas presented here, I especially liked your last line.

    We shouldn't voluntarily deny ourselves the tools of modern society but we need to remain aware that we are using bodies that have not kept pace with technological advancement.

  • Russell Warner

    It may only be anecdotal evidence, but when I get to a point in my work day where it feels like my mind is bouncing between emails and projects, I find it is highly productive to get up and take a walk. Luckily my office has some nice surrounding natural landscape.

    This research certainly makes New York City's Central Park seem like a prescient idea.

    And not to poke fun, but I find it entertaining that there is a neuroscientist who studies the frontal cortex (a region at the front of the skull) with the surname Whybrow. Was some sort of destiny or karma at play in his career choices? I kid, of course, but the coincidence is great.