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  • maria.kenneally

    Claire I am incredibly moved by your story. You are a survivor in so many ways. I wish you continued good health and happy running.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you so much, Maria. That's so kind. I wish you well, too!!! Thank you for taking the time to send a note.

  • stanza6

    I live in Bangalore, married to someone from a Village 1,147 kms away. My wife's mother is undergoing radiation after a chemo, in total ignorance of the terminology and technology. But your story is a rebirth and a coming back from the dead, for all of us. THANK YOU !

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you for taking the time to write. I'm sorry for the tardiness of my reply. I'm sorry your mother-in-law is undergoing treatment, and I'm sure it's especially difficult and probably frightening if she hasn't been well informed about what she's going through. But the presence and support of family will mean the world to her, and perhaps you can share stories of others who have come through victorious. Please tell her a stranger from across the world is thinking of her, and sending her good wishes for strength, resilience and health.

      • stanza6

        Every friend in history, geography and the future - was, is and will be a stranger. After the first hello, we're friends for eternity. Thank you Claire.

        • Claire Peeps

          So beautiful. Thank you, friend.

  • Jude Gladstone Cade

    I'm nearly a year away from the first round of treatment, free of cancer according to conventional medicine. I am optimistic. That's my nature. And I'm making different choices for food and in managing the stress out of my life. This morning I noticed I'm in an in-between zone, no longer the person I was and not yet what I am becoming. The most important change for me has been to accept and receive care and love.

    • Claire Peeps

      Hi Jude,
      Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!! That's so great. Yes, the experience changes things, doesn't it -- how we choose food, how we manage stress. And having the opportunity to experience so much love and care is a humbling and wonderful gift. Enjoy your health, and the person you're becoming! Thanks for connecting.

  • GiveGloves

    As a nurse practitioner who coordinates a pediatric cancer survivor program, I want to say thanks for putting your story out there. Everyday, I work with survivors of childhood cancer. I follow these children as they become young adults and I see how they must deal with that "loss of a guarantee" that their peers don't understand. Some see their cancer experience in a positive light and embrace it for the lessons they learned while others prefer to barely acknowledge that it happened. But whatever their interpretation, I know my patient's all love to hear a story from someone who has been there. Nothing affects them more then when another cancer survivor speaks from the heart. So I am quite certain you have made an impact on a lot of people with your words! Keep sharing!

    • Claire Peeps

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I admire you immensely, you do such critical, emotionally demanding work. You are a gift to those kids and their families, I'm sure. Thank YOU for being there.

  • Bythelea

    Hang in there. I had an almost stage 2 in 1989. I am still here, still doing my thing (I ride and compete with horses). It has not come back. I make plans for the future.
    I am also in my 70's. Amaryllis

    • Claire Peeps

      Amaryllis! You are the success story that keeps us all going. Ride on!!!

  • CancerNinja

    My sister-in-law sent me a link to your post. Thankful for that today:)
    A year ago today I was at Round 2 of Chemo. Same story. Lobular, unseen by screening.... Found a lump after going for my daily run.....stage 2, spread to lymph nodes, 2 surgeries to get clean margins, chemo, radiation...
    You have put into words many of the moments I have lived through so amazingly accurate. Telling any child this news...(my son was 5- and I too read everything on what to say) is knowing you are stealing their security, peace, innocence. and childhood....and yet we do it because they deserve to know and we love them enough to have it haunt us our whole lives-so it can't haunt theirs.
    I still feel set apart... A story for people to tell... "She had cancer". But have really worked to thin my "hive" to those who matter and only want to murder cancer... Not me! ;)
    What I most want to say to you is, thank you for such a real, open and evoking telling of your walk with breast cancer. I feel so less alone and knowing someone else has had all these feelings and has found a way to be well so long past diagnosis makes me want to get out and run again too. Thank you Claire!

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you for reaching out, and for adding to the story. I don't think that sense of being apart ever goes away, but it does diminish with time -- at least it has in my case, and I hope it will for you. And I'm so glad that, by our communicating, we can each feel a little less alone. Congrats on being a year out!!! That is SO great. Enjoy every minute with that wonderful little boy of yours. And yes, try running again! You might like it!!!!

  • Deborah Mason

    Wow.... You are remarkable. So brave.... Thank you so much for sharing your story -- to the point that I could just.... FEEL it.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you, Deborah. I so appreciate it. :-)

  • Robert Whitson

    I had a cancer scare last year, and now I'm running my first marathon -- coincidentally, the LA Marathon! See you out there!

    All the best,

    • Claire Peeps

      Good for you, Rob! See you out there on March 9! Good luck with the rest of your training.

  • Cristina Regalado

    Claire - this was so moving and beautifully written. Thank you for sharing and revealing an intimate human experience.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thanks, Cristina. Your kind comments mean a lot.

  • mturner28

    Thank you, Claire - I read myself through most of this. I appreciate your truth-telling about a far too prevalent disease, and what mothers face when facing uncertainty. I have just finished treatment, and pretty sure just starting to truly live fully.

    • Claire Peeps

      CONGRATS to you on being a survivor! Enjoy living life fully!!!!! Very happy for you.

  • Corinna Loo

    Thank you so much for sharing, Claire! That bee analogy really articulated some of my biggest fears about my own 3-year battle with lymphoma. It's inspiring to see someone as strong as yourself standing at the end of a the proverbial 'cancer finish line'. Definitely something to aspire to.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thanks, Corinna. Three years is a long time to battle. You are a strong fighter!! I wish you well, and look forward to hearing from you at the "cancer finish line"!


    Thank you Claire,
    Your words ring so deep and true. I've never had cancer, but my son had leukemia at age 2.5. The small rituals (gifts on chemo day - we did them too!) were special ways to reframe scary events. My son lives now with a zest and love of life I have much to learn from. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    • Claire Peeps

      Dear Katrina,
      What you have lived through as the parent of a child with cancer is exponentially and profoundly more difficult than what I experienced as an adult patient. My heart goes out to you. I am so happy to hear that your son is well now, and that you share his zest for life. That's a true gift.

  • Lauren Modery

    Claire, this was so beautifully written. Your strength and smarts are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you, Lauren. I really appreciate your kind words. :-)

  • pbnbea

    A dear friend was just diagnosed last week, and here is your article to help me understand some of what she might be feeling. I know I CANNOT know how she feels, but this is helpful because it describes some of the reality that she is having to face. One step at a time. She has excellent prospects to conquer this, and I'll be by her side!

    • Claire Peeps

      She's lucky to have you standing with her!! You are a good friend.

  • Nkim88

    I'm training for my first LA Marathon on March 9th too, but I've been completely overwhelmed with the training and everything that's going on in my life that's distracting me from being focused. After reading your story, I'm truly inspired by your honesty and all your amazing accomplishments. Thank you for being the boost of courage that I needed right now to keep my head up and continue looking forward to taking those 50,000 steps alongside you!

    • Claire Peeps

      Hurray for you! I hope you love the Marathon experience. I think the first one is a little overwhelming, but LA is such a party -- so much support from the community on the sidelines, it's a joy. Yes, keep your head up. And remember -- as one of my running mentors told me -- it doesn't have to be pretty! You just have to cross the finish line. Even walking! You can do it. If I can, you can. See you out there! :-)

  • sv0614

    I have had many friends who have also faced breast cancer. So far they are all winning that particular battle. I admire them beyond measure, but this puts their reality into perspective. Heck, I might even train for a marathon!

    • Claire Peeps

      Hey, give it a go! It seemed impossible to me, but it turned out to be doable. If you're really inclined, I recommend joining a running group. I'm a member of the wonderful LA Leggers. But there are loads of others -- Roadrunners, East Side Slugs, and more. I'm glad your friends are winning the battle!!!!

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you, Nicole. Greatly appreciated.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thank you, Kyla. I'm grateful to hear from you.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    You tell your story so beautifully. Thank you for being honest and open and for inspiring those that may not have the positive attitude that you do.

    • Claire Peeps

      Thanks so much, Alessandra. I appreciate your kind words.