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  • Gregory Trefry

    Brian, there's a lot to be said for your suggestion. The feeling of invulnerability can certainly lead to reckless behavior. I believe rugby sees fewer head injuries, with less padding, and some observers have attributed it to just that. Though I still wonder with the amount of money involved in professional football and the consequent pressure to perform, if the hard hits would just keep coming.

  • Brian Jacobs

    Simple. Put them back in leather helmets. The more padding, the more velocity--less padding, less velocity. Athletes will change their approach to hitting and tackling. The game will slow down a bit when approaching contact, but other than that it will still be exciting.

  • Vast Shadow

    That is a stupid idea, make the ball more nerf like ? Football is so heavily padded these days -- They should just wear foam rubber and play like that... It would be interesting to watch them bounce off things and each other.

    I don't like sports... Watching them anyway. You already know whats going to happen - The morons form a line, collide, quarter back either throws or hand off. Same thing over & over.
    Hockey is cool, only sport I have the patience to watch... It is fast everything changes on the fly. An then they get into fights too. Its not lame like football where football is all slow... Everything is orderly... In Hockey there is no planning and stopping the game to set up order, like football how they huddle-up before making the line -- Hockey players have to know strategy and placement amongst players in the fast-paced chaos to even form strategic plans and execute them.

    Probably the only person in my area that actually like playing street-hockey. An there was never any little-league teams of hockey. Even was probably the only big fan of The Fort Worth Fire.

    Back in middle school I played football... Our team sucked... It wasn't that we were not fit to play, but our coach only ran us up and down the field -- working out was all we did. No one liked playing our school because, even though we lost all but one game...We hurt other team members ALL the time and thats how we won one game... They were one man too short. I played right & left Tackle and Right&left Guard.
    I also played little league soccer... None of our public schools had soccer teams though, at the time. Just baseball and football.

    In middle school during lunch we played a lil ruggby-like game... All we had was a semi-flat soccer ball... An one day someone picked up the ball, during soccer, and we all just started playing rugby, up until people started getting hurt and the teachers took the ball away.
    It was cool though... It was all the mexican kids against, the white and black kids... We had no real rules... It was grab or kick the ghetto ball and run to the other goal and avoid being tackled in various ways, without pads. Everyone loved it.

    Football is lame to watch, I can play it, but cant stand to watch it.

    • NotUR concern

      So true, people who push for such things seem to forget that professional athletes have the ability to access their chances to sustain an injury on their own.

    • NotUR concern

      Good post Shadow,

      Your response saved me the trouble of spinning a short novel about how dumb this idea is. Football is already utterly ridiculous because of the over amount of protection the players have. Rugby, Hockey, even Polo put football players to shame.

      I do not care for sports either, but if football were to change into what this article represents; not only would the viewer ratings plummet, every team in the NFL would be in need of a serious alteration. Two hands touch, or fag oops! I mean 'flag' football would offer little to no advantage for those 250+ pound half backs who depend on their weight to punch threw defensive lines. The only skill that would be needed is speed and adding a brain to that would make the ultimate beast of touch/flag football. Just a thought for those of you who are into that kind of thing…