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  • ShipsRock

    I find this idea truly clever & inspiring, people should use every opportunity to increase their awareness & consume organic & healthier food. However, it won't quite stop large-scale foodwaste that keeps taking place in major food "sources" (like supermarkets); this is an issue I am really concerned about. The more products we grow on our own, the less we will buy, subsequently contributing to more food ending up in the landfill. How can we prevent this?

  • Tim Holman

    I love it! sounds like an awesome idea and I would like to try it. It's just do we need to make a load of new plastic things (probably cheaply and toxicly in China), use a load of energy and materials? Instead of funding the new product can we not educate people to the principles and adapt existing equipment/products. Each one could be a unique work of art. We can share our experience in the building of our own and help others with discoveries and knowledge, a community of fish farmer/designers.
    Foster a problem solving culture of self reliance that communicates and shares information. The information needed to understand the principals can be the thing that is old if necessary to create reward for the idea. saving energy and plastic.
    It is a great idea.
    It does not have to be a new industrially produced plastic business opportunity.
    A wise man once said to me 'It's not the thing but how' and The band Bananarama also sung 'it's not what you do it's the way that you do it'.

    • nikhilarora

      Tim - thank you so much for the support and your note! This is Nikhil, with Back to the Roots. Love the quote too btw - totally agree with it - it's all about the why and how - not the what!

      Re: manufacturing, some stuff we're working on:

      1) Working our butts off to get this produced domestically - where we have absolute control over every manufacturing process and can make sure it's the safest product possible!
      2) We totally love people making their own units at home and hacking stuff together - the more people that do that the better! However, we have the strong belief that only a certain small % of the population will actually do that, and to inspire & educate the rest, you have to create a unit that is easy and simple and fun enough to use such that it lowers the barriers to try it out! That's why we're producing a custom designed kit - to really be able to go after that other huge segment of the population that won't spend the time to custom make something! Hopefully we can get people excited through this kit to rethink their food/gardening, and inspire them enough to take on their own larger projects and make it a larger part of their day-to-day lifestyle.
      3) Re: sustainability, we are going to push to use only the best materials - and are willing to pay for them! The parts that are plastic will be the most pure (additives are what often create toxicity), FDA approved, & BPA free plastics. We're also setting up a really cool industrial recycling program where we pay people to ship their units back to us when they are done so we can recycle these at proper industrial recycling facilities to make sure there is no waste from this unit.
      4) We are exploring all types of materials right now - including recycled plastics where applicable!
      5) Working off a lot of stock units - airpumps & tubing especially- so that we can find items that are already domestically manufactured and we dont have to waste the $ or resources in building custom molds/tools.

      We're totally open to more ideas/suggestions to create the best product possible - would love your feedback! My email is Thank you again for your support and interest!


  • katdfinns

    I love it and want to be a part of it. please, please. let me in. <3

  • Jasmine Jackson

    Hello All,

    This is Jasmine, the Community Happ'y'ness Guru, here at Back To The Roots. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for this AMAZING feature and for all of the support that you've always shown to us. As for the GOOD community... THANK YOU! We are so excited about everyone's enthusiasm for our new Aquaponics Garden! Really appreciate your support; feel free to reach out to me any time!

    Jasmine Jackson
    Community Happ'y'ness Guru
    Back to the Roots
    2935 Adeline Street; Oakland, CA 94608
    Tel: 510.922.9758 | Fax: 510.922.9568

  • Hannah Wasserman

    This is awesome! Ishy (my fish) is going to be very excited. Let's get this thing funded.

  • Rohit Kumar

    Sign me up - I want one of these. Genius idea - inspirational company.