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  • Sismo Design

    We know that place very well. It's very close to our office. On top of the concept, that is cool, the employees are extremely nice.

    • Rosie Spinks

      I agree Sismo Design! They're especially nice to Americans (like me), which is a welcome thing when living in Paris!

  • Rosalie Murphy

    Ziferblat and about a dozen other anticafes were third and fourth and fifth homes to me when I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia. Full of friendly people and free tea; I met most of the people who became my local friends at anticafe events. Would love to see this work in LA (and am thinking of trying if I'm jobless in a few months), but I'm skeptical about its chances in a car-dependent city -- it's tough for me to justify spending a few hours at an anticafe while also paying for parking when I could just go home. Here's hoping.

    • Rosie Spinks

      Judging by the amount of people with laptops in LA's Coffee Bean branches, I suspect this would do just fine in LA!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I agree I think something like this may be more successful in a carless city. It's a perfect hub for community though!

  • Zion Campo

    This is so cool! There really aren't that many places here in the Philippines that offer coworking spaces.

  • Ryan Brisco

    This is really GOOD! I do wonder if something like this would work in the US. Though I haven't spent a ton of time working in different coffee shops here, I do tend to see a lot of Macbooks out with people writing code, editing video, or doing any number of work-related tasks. I wonder if our coffee shops are more suited for an anti traditional office space?

  • Caz D

    This 'anti-cafe' ticks several of my 'Good' boxes. Promoting community in non-traditional ways, combining two or more business concepts to make something that is related but different, services/spaces for freelancers. Good, Good, Good

  • Yvonne Lee

    Great Great Great idea, I hope it does really well!

  • Tom Maybrier

    This space is awesome and I really appreciate the "pay per time used" model. Too many co-working spaces in the US are prohibitively expensive.

    • Ryan Brisco

      Do you think the US coffee shops are not suitable for use like this? I've certainly camped out in a few Starbucks with team members in order to pound out a project. Perhaps I was being ignorant, but I didn't feel particularly unwelcome. Have you had a different experience?

      • Tom Maybrier

        No, I haven't had a different experience - I've worked from cafes and coffeeshops in the US and Europe and never felt unwelcome.

        That said, I do feel obligated to make a sizable purchase (more than a single coffee) if I plan on taking up a table for more than 20 minutes.

        During slow periods, I think it's alright to stay longer as long as there are open tables - but if the cafe is busy, I feel like the polite thing to do is to leave once you have finished your food and drink so that others have a chance to sit.

        At a co-working cafe like this one it's a bit different since there's generally always open space available and the space is geared towards working - Betahaus and St. Oberholz in Berlin come to mind.

        I haven't seen a space like this one in the US yet.

        • Yasha Wallin

          I love St. Oberholz. I often work there. Places in Germany don't often offer free wireless, so it's one of the few places in Berlin that you can use their internet. I do end up buying a couple things when I'm working anyway, because I'm often there for lunch or breakfast, so I think it pays off. I just went to this other great space "Coffice" in Stockholm

        • Ryan Brisco

          Very good insight. Even though I don't have the experience you do I agree that a collaborative space like this is so valuable. Hopefully this "anti Cafe" model catches on and spreads.

    • Rosie Spinks

      I agree Tom. It's a good model and I hope it spreads. I also didnt mention that they offer a monthly membership of €200 (which is certainly cheaper than the average office rental).