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  • Vast Shadow

    Squatters rights!!! WOoooOoOooo

  • Lisa Rau Cannon

    As Rodney King said many years ago: "Can we all get along?" Great post, Tricia - brings to light some real dividing issues that could lead to even tougher ways of reaching resolutions. And no one wants another civil war.

  • James DAngelo

    You didn't see any of this after Bush was elected, or re-elected.
    What if what almost everyone has been told is wrong? What if the REAL "revolutionaries" are on the right, not the left?

    • Lisa Rau Cannon

      I don't think this is a partisan issue as much an American people issue.

  • Vast Shadow


    As you and everyone has once heard in some Civil War exercised in a historical event. There wouldn't be a war and the likely hood of Texas abandoning the Union is very unlikely.

    You hold and preach upon a misconception millions of people are assuming. A Civil War... Seriously? USA wouldn't stand a chance(Kidding but uh yea Dats right though!).
    Let me enlighten you about the Civil War before I get about towards the present.

    Misconceptions--there is so many misconceptions about taxes today that the Civil War was sparked in the same initiative over not understanding the System.

    There is actually no indication of what started the South to march the Yankees back to New York -- New York was actually one of the main places USA was controlled at in the very begining of our Country... That also shows plausibility that the Settlers away from the Congress seat had no idea where USA was being controlled at in that point of History. As they were in search for the president(Probably looking for George Washington too).
    The Civil war was not about Slavery -- As I know Hollywood assumes it was with their lil movie saying it was, it was not.

    The average settler in that day-in-age wasn't very `bright... Rugged, strong people but could not read, could not write, and was only handed down history and teachings by their next to kin.
    So you basically had the people in the south like the squidbillies controlling towns. Was not their fault... Most of US Congress set settlers out into the vast frontier to maintain control of the nation -- those frontier people stretched out and never really maintained contact with the Nation leaders.
    So in the meanwhile after so long and the Nation was still being settled a tax collector ran into a town that was not so `bright... Told the Sheriff that a new State Tax is required for the Federal Union and if the people of that town did not pay the tax the Federation would take their land and imprison the people with slavery(Debtors prison was a practice in that era and Slavery was the punishment.)
    Upon the south feeling that the Union Federation was going to take people's land and lively hood -- The South Rebelled. Made the lil Con.... Con UH... Con`federates. Made lil flag with an X and 13 stars on it, representing the 13 original(first) colonies.......

    Well the Southern Hillbillies pushed the North Back had many states to follow their movement -- To not allow the union to seize their land and went in search for the Union leader.

    Thats where the Gettysburg address was founded. If you have read the Gettysburg "Address"... You would find... Lincoln congratulates everyone in the War - Not just the Union, not just the Confederates. Everyone that fought for their freedom. Lincoln exclaimed, no one will die in vein... But `YOU GOTTA STOP, you killen everyone on Earth! (But in a more modest sense) . It took the president to stop them, as the south was looking for him. The South was evenly still in belief that they were under the law of the 13 original colonies and possibly had no clue of the founded congress and legislation.

    Were they still a stupid bunch of people? The South could have been in assumption that their 13 colonies were under attack by the redcoats again... An they were a very committed sort of people.... The Confederates even made the first Submarines. No one knows why they made the Submarines, but it was possibly for they thought England was invading. Smart(In War), innovative, stead-fast people... Of whom were only in misconception what the Union was for.

    The 13th Amendment does not free any slave. It only says no one will ever be a slave.
    Passed by Congress January 31, 1865. Ratified December 6, 1865.

    Note: A portion of Article IV, section 2, of the Constitution was superseded by the 13th amendment.

    Section 1.
    Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, *except as a punishment* for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to *their jurisdiction*.

    Section 2.
    *Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.*

    Section 2, reads that Congress is the only party who can free or convict people to slavery.

    It does not read, Everyone is free... It does not speak directly in race or ethic. It only says, you have to be convicted to be a slave.

    Wasn't that just great... Nice story about the Civil War. An how misconception fueled it.

    • Lsu Tiger

      Thanks for that... Misconception i'm sure started from the beginning of time... The mind is very powerful and if you a second one comes in, its more likely that it will not work like the first one...

    • Vast Shadow

      Present time...
      There would not be a WAR in the state, there is no threat to civil liberty. The President is not making good decisions and it has pissed many off.

      Texas could be its own nation if it had too... We have the most oil and gas apart from Alaska. Texas Instrument designs all the lil circuit technology you so love for Cellphones, Ipads, etc. Texas has its own supreme court system -- As what is needed to be an independent state from the Union.
      We are not California... Texas does not make lil stories and movies that all only make money from endorsements. Texas doesn't only design lil websites. Your Websites actually run on our tech. So yea... USA would lose heavily, if Texas dropped them.

      Silicone Valley... Is just a market for computing... Just brand labels and website makers. Microsoft makes a software... Hardware is better than software.

      In comparisons its easy to see HOW TEXAS COULD BENEFIT. We Export a LOT.

      The likely hood is slim for Texas to abandon USA. But if the USA economy collapsed -- Texas would be the first to ditch the union the and reform the country. voted for Obama and y'all even broadcasted retarded webpages on y'alls net-host to support Obama.

      Obama is jacking up taxes... Many people may become very poor. Of course its easy for to not see or feel the problem.. Y'all are rich, a price is just a number. You never had to work in your life; you never had a job that pays you 5.50 an hour; you never struggled for anything in your life. So its apparent, IS the donkey and just -- Does not get it.
      Obamacare is reeking havoc on the poor. Those jobs that pay 5.50 an hour/ Minimum wage can not afford Obamacare. They make products that are so low-price and competitive in rate... They either will have to hike prices up or cut their employees wage.
      Does a price hike mean shit to -- NOPE PRICE IS JUST A # to you people. You don't get paid 5.50 an hour. I think IBM pays you all a good sum to advertise for them.

      An thats my anger with y'all and supporting Obama -- You act so modest and yet you speak to someone who knows it... Yet you fletch a foxnews enthusiast pun or something else you heard on the dailyshow. Pshhhh
      Yet, you wanna help people in another country? YOU WANNA LEAVE YOUR COUNTRY, give god-knows-who money?
      But Texas is so wrong... You don't even know how the system even works. An you can try to criticize everyone... When you were told by many people, including myself of how the President isn't making wise decisions. Hypocritical.

      Either way... I'm practicing and signed the secession -- Not in hate for our country. But I think Texas needs to be the elephant in the room again. People and Businesses are stupid. They want to put jobs and markets over in foreign countries. Make poverty, working class people suffer more. THE PEOPLE WHO MAKE all THE TWINKIES for your lazy conveinence. Get paid less, have an enforced health plan that may not even be covered once its fully instated. Cause massive TAX and PRICE HIKING as business need to section cost defiecientcies over Obama's policies.
      The poor and worker class will be suffering another 4 years.

      Someone needs to stand up and say this isn't right... Rich people are clueless and think they know it, but never lived it.

      To me the secession is a public outcry for the Country to rethink things... But as Jon Stewart -- Hollywood calls it `whining.
      But yea, go back to yr latte's your thinking civil war was about slavery... As the part of America that gives you your luxury is trying to change things and your trying to stand in the poor's way with that lil preeching you have about some WAR. AN that your ignorance only shows.

      You do realize or is your wallet too heavy to notice... if massive businesses stop making food, because of layoffs and price hikes... Who is going to feed you? Who is going to put food in your grocery store?

      You heard that Post offices are thinking about protesting as well ?

      What do YOU THINK HAPPENS if all the mail.... Stops.

      You going to be a Texas squatter if the Economy fails?