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  • Itismedesu

    Astoundingly stupid idea somehow got funding.
    What happens when people try to walk near each other?

  • rmufb71

    fantastic theory terrible reality, imagine 100 people trying to move in 2 different directions, worse yet some one bounding into the center of the street

    • IConfessToExpress

      me too, thanks for the link, and the awesome daydream lol!!!

  • Toastandjuice

    I love it! Just one thing though, I looked at Salto and they are based in Tallin and the names of the partners all look Estonian rather than Russian so I think you should make sure they are happy for you to quote them as Russian?

  • travelgirl

    Fun, but impractical idea :)

  • Eyoalha Baker

    I LOVE this! I am doing a project called jump for joy! and this would be the perfect place to take photos :) Great idea!

  • Melissa

    I think this is brilliant. I love these kinds of innovative communal installations, because it really revitalizes the community. It's great.

  • JaiGuru

    Flaky crap like this is exactly why it's so hard to get people to consider redesigns of urban and transportation infrastructure. Why are people wealthy enough to do stuff liek this always so nonsensical?

    • travelgirl

      I gotta say, I'm surprised to read such a negatively toned comment from a user named "Jai Guru"... I didn't think they were serious about this (pretty impractical, I'd think we'd agree), but, the idea itself is fun, and, used differently (playground? team building for large progressive company that does activities like ropes courses, etc.?) it has great potential to increase joy ...which IS pretty yogic, IMHO :) Om shanti....

      • Yasha Wallin

        Thanks for the response travelgirl. Yes, I think they came up with the idea primarily to create a bit of joy and fun in our everyday lives. And hopefully it serves as inspiration to think outside the box.

      • JaiGuru

        Books and covers, my dear.

        I would hardly call momentary novelties joy, especially not when "modern" society is thoroughly stuck in yesterday's advancements. Road and transportation infrastructure is in sore need of a redesign. Pulp nonsense like this is neither practical nor enriching beyond a momentary novelty. When your house is in order, you have time for these things. When your house is burning down, you shouldn't be jumping on trampolines.

        • IConfessToExpress

          for some of us it may not be a momentary novelty, it doesn't make us flaky crap, (try it with a child you adore) i agree with what your saying about infrastructure and the need to redesign, but if they had this in a park in my city i would totally go, and if you had a urban design booth at the end, I would visit it too and probably learn a thing or two, unless of course you made me feel the way your comments did. I'm ignorant and sometimes over sensitive i admit (especially today), but if the house is burning, pointing fingers doesn't put it out either... tell me where the water is, and when we're done dousing the fire I'll get back to my bouncy joy

  • kajuroe

    Have any of you stopped to think about the reality of a trampoline sidewalk? I know people that can barely walk on concrete. People have bad knees, ankles, and hips. If they don't currently, then they will when they land wrong a few times. Who will be maintaining the springs and fabric? How many people will get injured when failures do occur? While I agree for me personally it sounds like fun for a few minutes, but overall the idea is a failure from inception.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    Downtown LA is thinking of rebuilding the Red Car. It should probably just do this instead.

  • Yasha Wallin

    I'd like to see a block of sidewalk around Broadway and Prince in Soho, NYC turn into a trampoline walkway. That street is pretty trafficked by shoppers on a mission, so it would be nice to see people take a break from commerce to enjoy the city and it's playfulness.

  • Adele Peters

    Sounds fun. I love the recycled tire material that's used in some playgrounds and for some sidewalks, which is also bouncy (bonus: it's way more environmentally-friendly to make than concrete, is more weather-resistant, and it can easily be trimmed to let tree roots grow).

    • Yasha Wallin

      Agreed. Let's make more of our sidewalks bouncy. More fun and better for the environment.