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  • Maria Botta

    Overconsumption is part of our diseased consumerism - that's why I try and buy used goods - yes including clothing! Instead of a Buy Nothing Day how about we commit to buying used goods, refurbishing those that can be salvaged etc....

  • Ramond Nikeoutletshop

  • Vast Shadow

    Holy shit I'm surrounded by rich people.

    Now I sat here thinking, "How could I make this post not offensive?" . The person who placed the WELL written article, is someone very pretty and few other things. How would I post without being offensive? I left this site for the fact I had differences and I made my point my first time around: Hey I'm smarter than you'd ever think. Not to just boast on my whole cortex of the mind being any better... I'm a humble person, ya know.
    This is a bad article... I know who started Occupy, already... As does the government but I am unsure how I should write this. I mean consumption is bad, but does anyone actually know... How much Oxygen is evenly outside? You would be surprised and scared... I will just address this article now.

    Black Friday is something great... For the poor persons of the USA. The article is not even relevant to a good idea, but has a observation of someone that never had to live without food or electricity for a month. If those "Occupy" , Anonymous hacks try to block a door on Black Friday. No police will be called just a few ambulances for those who blocked the doors at first.
    Black friday is the middle to poverty class, Christmas Shopping day. People save money the entire month -- Will evenly buy `just enough food to save for Black Friday.

    I don't like Black friday because its way to many people, its ass to elbow... I can't even really afford it, either... I don't like a lot of people -- I like nice and quiet for that is why I am often on at late hours. I have many friends that do the whole Black Friday and if I showed them this... They probably say the same thing -- Those Occupy people that think they can stand in the way would be tossed aside and trampled on, if not beat to hell.

    Black Friday is a good thing for MANY people that can not afford Xmas shopping. I know many in here probably never have the problem with buying stuff in that median of days to Xmas, but middle to poverty class do... Especially when they have families to take care of. I tried to argue with the fact that... People don't realize how tough it is when you live pay check to pay check. They think poverty is a myth as they have their computer set up to pay bills and never had to buy anything with lose change.

    I do not know why GOOD blogg wants to take that away from people... Its a STUPID idea; its a BAD idea; its NOT GOOD . If you think there isn't poor and poverty in USA. Go to Black Friday...
    I get so tired of rich people declaring things of misconception and splurging money into foreign countries... For another countries poor person -- Microsoft owner does that a lot. It pisses me off. They say they help people, but not of this country.
    Only 65% of the public have computers and thats because it is too Expensive... The rest usually on a phone. A few of my friend's have computers for I either told them about how cool a computer is or I gave them one.

    I think I added enough information there to keep the offense level more oblivious than anything.
    There is a poverty of the USA and they love Black Friday, you wont take it away. I know that consumption of resources is bad, but how is it alright for everyone else to get stuff and yet the poor(working class) shouldn't be as fortunate?
    There is a lot of things that need to be consumed less... Water; Oxygen; metals; oil... Did you know that the whole Obesity myth of the USA is just to make people be more resourceful in the USA with food? There is many other shortages, ya know.

  • Heather Armstrong

    Celebrating Black Friday here (yes, we get ads and sales even though we are in Canada and our Thanksgiving was weeks ago) by visiting the local thrift shop to drop off some quality items and do my Christmas shopping. They have lots of lovely and useful items that can be used as is or re-purposed. I also try to give gift certificates from local businesses in my town of 3,000 or certificates for my own services.

  • Doris Yee

    For almost a decade now, my family and I have not participated in Black Friday or present-given for the festive winter holidays. We instead spend Black Friday repairing things that are already in our house (fixing broken chairs, repainting, tech support for the folks...). Afterall, when the kids come home...parents know how to keep them busy.