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  • gianpaolopietri

    Incredible efficiency. Thopugh a firm believer in minimalism, not sure this is the kind of space I would design or advocate, but an interesting study in the limits to humanity's capacity to inhabit space. However thin...


    No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honor.

  • peckerhead

    leonardo da vinci pointed out that small spaces are more conducive to creativity, but i think this takes the cake. It's more suitable for small people like children---or very tiny students! It has few windows and the light has to compete between large buildings on both sides. Its height does not make up for its narrowness. I'd rather spend time in a small (square) camper. It's another example of trying to be eco-friendly with little practicality.

  • David Wilson

    Then suddenly, fire. Good game life.

  • drumquest

    I like the concept. There needs to be a source for outside viewing such as a large monitor that shows views from an outside webcam and window were possible.

  • Nihad Nour

    Like The Idea As A Temporary Solution, Let's Say - And According To It's Cost - For Homeless People, Maybe a Get Away To Study Or Work,
    But I Guess It Could Be So Depressing To Live In Such A Small Space,
    Maybe If The Designer Had Made The sloping Surface From A Transparent Material To Let the Most Amount Of Light In It Would Be Better.

  • Ron Sparks

    This looks like a spaceship!

  • lloyd.westbrook1

    It is very interesting concept for short term stays where you require peace and quiet for study or accommodation on site. Most of us live in houses that are far to big and very poorly designed.

    • Drafty01

      I was thinking the same thing. I'm from New Zealand - also known as the "Shaky Ilses". We get loads of seismic activity here - Not sure that this would meet any kind of building code here - good idea though...

  • _ _

    Very cool space. It reminds me of Polly Pocket!

  • Sylwia Szczypek

    Just to clarify one thing. This house will not be a permanent living place to anyone. It'll function as a guest house of an institute, so that visiting guests won't have to live in a hotel and have some practical space to live for a while, work or invite a guest or two.

  • Juan Muñoz

    Awesome! Coming from Costa Rica we're not used to having find clever ways to use every inch of space, as we have so much still! But it is good to start thinking this way: utilize everything and keep more open, green space. Thanks for this!

    • Neosteve

      I agree. As a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines, this is an awesome way to reduce cost & waste. Thank you Jakub Szczesny for your creativeness.

  • FDIbobbie

    There are 3 things I can't live without: natural light, fresh air and a kitchen!

    • Yasha Wallin

      There's a mini kitchen! So you just need to find the light and fresh air elsewhere...

  • Jaclyn Levesque

    I think this is an interesting concept - but did find myself wondering where the shower is? I see the toilet, but no shower/sink - am I missing them?

    • Jim Clifford

      Jaclyn, good catch, but I think it would be one of those stand up showers that copy the RV style showers. In that scenario, you literally take a shower in the same space as where the toilet is. Ether way, I think this will be far more common in the future as more and more migrate to the big cities.

  • sara.olsen.980

    i am not a claustrophobe but feeling intensely that way just looking at this.

  • Haunter66

    Maybe I'm a little bit paranoid but, isn't that dangerous in case of earthquake? I mean, the space between buildings is suppose to be there to allow the free movement of the structures while an earthquake, right?

    • alterego1980

      A design can "connect" buildings without issue using expansion joints to allow for movement. To that point though, if there IS any real threat of earthquakes in Warsaw, these other buildings on each end may not be equipped to handle such movement and may crumble if rattled...what then happens to the little house below...

  • KaterinaBonVora

    claustrophobia. but interesting. perhaps a norm for people of the future

  • Nicholas Hughes

    At first I thought this would be a terrible place to live but now I think I like the idea of constantly feeling like I'm hiding in the crawlspace beneath a staircase. They should rent out the basement.

  • Samar.Abdelaziz

    I think it's a creative idea and a beneficial use for these narrow areas,but i see that there is not enough outside light penetration as not enough aeration too.
    What about sewer pipes?

  • rodolfo.tamez

    There is a house in Valencia Spain that fits with the description.
    Just Google "La casa más estrecha de Europa – Valencia"

  • alterego1980

    initially i appreciate the design because it's a smart solution to what was thought to be an unusable space. But the design does not appear to take advantage of any light from the street side...i find that to be unfortunate.

    • Doris Yee

      Studies show that when people live and work in a well lit environment, they are happier, healthier and more productive. I wouldn't want my lazy-at-home days to be reliant on artificial light a majority of the time. I agree with you, it would be unfortunate.

    • escoles

      I wonder if there's not a structural issue. The outer surfaces look as though they might be sections of industrial conduit, and it might compromise their integrity to incorporate windows. (That said, some better natural lighting would be an improvement, yes.)

  • matthewsouther

    I see this house provides one inch for every percent of the American population presidential candidate Mitt Romney doesn't care about. If he wins, maybe 47 percent of people in my country will get to live in such luxurious accommodations.

  • vqnvqn

    might be depressing to live in.

  • huybuiNYC

    Pet Architecture

  • simspon86

    Very cool idea. Something appealing about such a tiny, hidden space in the middle of the city. My wife and I have a 1400 square foot house (small in America) that seems like way more space than we actually need, and a lot of house to maintain. I daydream of downsizing to an urban loft or unique small apartment.

    • rainbo

      If you build it...they won't come!!