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  • ratfink

    While you libs are acting all smug it should be noted that someday reality will set in. Your awakening will come when you realize that you did not have the last word by winning the election. The last word will come from the businesses (particularly small businesses) that cannot function and make a profit under the utopia you envision. The last word will come when the economy based on fuzzy feelings has no legs and collapses and you all loose your jobs. When people can't afford gas. When you figure out the electrical grid is no more efficient at running your electric cars than what we have now. When you realize solar power is a dream that can never recover the energy it takes to fire the glass to make the panels. When it hits you that you can never have enough windmills to power the manufacturing. You are the Don Quixote - your demise is staved, but it will come.

    Your utopia is not a democracy, it is based on fascist socialism - as your article argues, you expect everyone to think like you. You expect everyone to relinquish truth for your 'values'. You have boughten into the college lectures of Hume and Neitzche and you think you now know the 'secrets' the conservatives are too ignorant to figure out. Get a clue: your philosophies are sterile, you have forsaken reality for feelings. You criticize other people's beliefs as 'myths', yet you fail to see your own myths.

    The Republicans only lost the presidency. In states and in civic elections they had gains. There is a reason for this: Democrats can only win by appealing to socialists ideals - Black Racism (how many Blacks voted for Romney because he was white?), White Hedonism (how many college females voted only to get free contraception?).

    Democrats are morally bankrupt. They have no moral center except the old Silver Rule: I will allow you to get away with whatever you want as long as you allow me the same. The absence of a sound philosophy or morality is not a virtue, it is just buying an election through free social give-aways. A society that believes in everything ultimately believes in nothing.

    • Ron Martin

      Your comment proves his point!

    • Wylie Overstreet

      Hahahaha! You're a riot. This is either the best piece of satire I've read in a loooong time or you're so far down the rabbit hole you've forgotten what reality tastes like. If the former, kudos. If the latter, I hear Glenn Beck is releasing his own line of tinfoil hats

      • ratfink

        Really??? The stock market has fallen 3% since Tuesday. 1000s of people were laid off from their jobs in that time specifically citing impending tax hikes and health costs. Alinsky, Obama's mentor, is not a radical socialist? How many Blacks voted for Romney compared to how many Whites voted for Obama? I was employed in the energy sector for over 25 years. I assure you the energy 'dream' you think is there is only a ponzi scheme - most people (particularly idealists who have only served latte) have no clue the amount of energy it takes to produce something. Do you even realize how much energy it takes to create a sheet of solar glass? Powering an electric vehicle saves no energy, it only pushes it off to power plants that are already under producing. And Obama is shutting even more of them down. Are you going to let him build the nuclear plants we will need once the coal is obsolete and there is no more fracking because of it being outlawed? I think not… I live close to central frozen food distribution center that ships food out East. It is the size of 5 football fields. Do you even have a clue how much energy it takes to run that? What happens to you when they can't afford to run it anymore?

        The Greek word 'democracy' only means 'mob rule'. He with the biggest mob doesn't insure the most correct truth. Obama's win only means the mob is temporarily in control - ultimately it will not put food on your table. The fact is you need us more than we need you. I can fix your car, build your house, put food on your table. What have you got to offer me aside from superlatives?

        Look at your national voting by county - why do you thing the Liberal vote is centered on areas of high population and no production? Why do you think the Conservative vote is everywhere else - where there isn't high population density and production? You are surrounded by Idealism, it is all that you know. It is why reality sounds like a personal affront to you. Truth only sounds like 'tin foil hats' to you because you've never had to reason, you've never had to work, and you are preaching incontestably to your own choir. Obama is only selling what the mob wants to hear. Reality to you is just your own thoughts - true reality is a concrete world 'out there' that cares not how profound your thoughts sound to you.

        If your 'win' was so self-assuring, why do you libs still resort to name-calling? Where have I erred? We'll see who's laughing in a few years when the Brave New World really hits. Someday Atlas will shrug..

  • journeyman55

    This article may have been warranted had Romney received 25% or popular votes. As it stands, Dems need to clean up and recalibrate as much as GOP does.

    • Ron Martin

      Why Obama was a weak POTUS, the fact that Romney was even weaker is a very telling sign

  • Ramond Nikeoutletshop

  • jpmartin43

    The stresses both parties place on social issues is infuriating. Our debt, at the moment is $16,250,992,843,689. Now seeing that number alone is daunting, but really take a moment to think about that - sixteen and a quarter trillion dollars. I'm much less worried about marriage equality and ending the war on drugs than that gargantuan figure, even despite being gay myself. I've found myself with very fiscally conservative views, often agreeing emphatically with much of the Republican party platform in that regard. This said, I think social issues should be ruled on at a state level, if it is the case that legislation is required at all. But what I find most infuriating, from both the Republicans and Democrats, is the incredible importance social issues are given, as is made even more evident by this article. The call for tomorrow's Republican Party is based on fiscal ideals that are very dear to me, all of which were given high priority by Gary Johnson, who received my vote despite knowing Obama would inevitably win re-election.

  • Kathy Barkulis

    Now Wylie, let's be honest here. "The Party was no longer the moderate, dignified, intellectual conservatism of yore, championed by well-educated members of the middle class." You never thought that, Wylie. Come on, I see you smiling, you know you never thought there were any dignified, well educated middle class Republicans. At least, not since Abraham Lincoln.

    So now that we got that out of the way, for every crazy right winger there's a crazy left winger. And it just so happens, Obama got more crazy left wingers to the polls than Romney got crazy right wingers to the polls.

    There was no way those two nutcrackers, Akin and Mourdock, were going to get elected. Especially when the GOP cut off their funding as soon as they shot off their crazy mouths. They don't represent Republicans. They just represent crazy people.

    However, I noticed that the Dems re-elected Jesse Jackson Jr., who hasn't been to work in seven months, is under federal investigation, and instead has been sitting in a mental ward at Mayo Clinic. And the Florida Dems also voted in Grayson again, someone who should be locked up in a mental ward.

    So let's stipulate that both parties have weak candidates, that libertarians aren't even given much chance, and that the Dems have some kick-ass get out the vote strategies.

    The Republicans will re-group and change their strategies, but they won't go away. Not now, not ever.

    • Max Schorr

      Well, Kathy, it wasn't that long ago when Mayor Bloomberg was a Republican - but who could blame him or any other reasonable party member for feeling disillusioned after the party's behavior over the last decade? I agree with Wylie that there is a big opportunity for a post bigotry, inclusive, modern, sober, 21st century Republican party that is pragmatic, disciplined, and solutions oriented. In many ways, Romney represents what is needed in the new direction, but his contortions to align with the party made it hard for moderates to know and trust him. In other ways, Romney's 47% comments and elitism felt out of touch to an increasingly diverse, middle class America, and he was running with the ghost of Bush and as the teammate of the current Republicans in congress.

      If Boehner and the Republicans in congress are cooperative, reasonable, and solutions oriented in this next session, the country can thrive again. If not, they should all be replaced at the next available election. It is time to roll up sleeves and solve problems together. Right now, I believe our president is willing and ready to do that, but the Republicans need to prove they are willing and ready to compromise and get things done for the benefit of our country.

  • Stuart

    I would love to write a follow up piece to this titled "Dear fellow conservatives, wtf do we do now?"

    and than pretty much outline what you just wrote, Wylie. Good job, this needed to be said. The way you wrote it is great, and a republican who truly does want the best for their country first, and their party second, will agree.


  • journeyman55

    Dear Author,
    Why not call for Dems to get more moderate too? As it stands, droves of far left wackos criticize Obama for not being liberal enough. The democratic party needs a correction too (as evidenced by 50% of the country wanting Obama replaced).

  • Bill Johnson

    At 58, I have been a Libertarian-leaning Republican for some time now. That means I think we should all be free to smoke pot with our same-sex spouses, but I don't want to tax the rich any more than we do now, actually we should lower everyone's taxes. So, of course, most hate me for disagreeing with them and disregard our areas of agreement. Yep, we are polarized, and both sides shock me.

    The last campaign I worked in was McGovern's 1972 debacle, when I was a college freshman in D.C. And boy, did those people scare me after spending my life in Catholic schools. So I moved on, raised a family, got a job.

    Well, after being "mugged by reality" I have become a Libertarian-leaning Republican (Yeah, I loved Atlas Shrugged, the book, not the movie.) So this year I decide to again work the phones for Romney on Election Day in suburban Philly. And boy, did those people scare me. I know elections attract the zealots, but I forgot how loud, obnoxious, close-minded and bigoted zealots can be.

    I know there is no more future in associating with those loonies than there was in staying with the crowd from '72.

    It probably was best that Obama won, because now Congress can actually deal with the issues they have been avoiding while they spent the last two years plotting to rule the world. At least now they know that nothing much is going to change, so they might as well get some work done.

    But, you are right; the Republican Party needs radical change. The kicked feeling in my butt is already starting to wear off and moderate (for a Republican) Chris Christie is looking better and better (and bigger and bigger :)

  • Casey Caplowe

    If i were getting into politics right now, i'd seriously consider how to possibly do so as a republican. I think it is a huge opportunity, for individuals and the whole party. Though admittedly, i thought the same thing four years ago after the first Obama victory (and the other houses of congress). I did not anticipate the Tea Party would be the right's response, rather than say, John Huntsman types.

    Wylie, did you see Rachel Maddow yesterday? She really eloquently hit on on the same point: that we need a thoughtful, reality-based republican party to offer substantive alternative paths, so we can actually get to the best ideas and strategies.

  • budoinbatu

    This article is tacky and of poor taste from this magazine. I would find better political writer.

    • Stuart

      Wylie is nice enough to not respond to this comment (or he hasn't see it), but I will. This isn't a magazine first off. Wylie doesn't only write political articles second. And third this article is far from tacky. You seem to be exactly the type of person who needs this article. Good and truly needs it.

      I'm a republican and I agree with everything he said. Being close-minded will be the ultimate death of the GOP if people don't start to wise up.

      • budoinbatu

        Stu, you are a twit for galavanting around the Internet as a woman, and a twit. You are a part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor.

        • Stuart

          Don't call me Stu. That isn't my name. My name is Stuart. Only friends and family call me Stu and you are most definitely not one of them.

          So women aren't allowed to galavant around the internet? Only moronic men? Is that what you're saying? Because... that sounds like what you are saying.

          If you disagree with this post, that is fine. Of course people are going to. But two of the things I corrected you are on facts. They are not up for discussion. The third statement is up to the reader. It is logical to assume that only someone who disagrees with this would call it tacky. Mr. Overstreet is a fantastic writer and I could have thought of many more ways to write this that would be much more tacky.

          Now I am a woman, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a teacher, I am a republican, I am christian, I am a Texan, I am a red head, I am open minded... all of these things describe me. I love my country and all the things that come along with it. I respect my political party and have the sense to know when its time for things to... reorganize. None of things make me part of a "Rebel Alliance", this isn't Star Wars, sorry for bursting your bubble on that one. And none of what I have said makes me a traitor.

          SO if you would like to try again to insult me in some way, please try again. Maybe something not so sexist next time? That might work better.

          • budoinbatu

            Take it easy, Stu. This is the Internet, and you are only making yourself worse.

            • Stuart

              You can't read can you?

              Maybe I'll call troll and quote the above article...

              "Fuck. Right. Off."

              • budoinbatu

                You don't have a clue, Stu.

  • Amy Taylor

    Interesting that phrases "I don't mean this in a condescending way" and "We liberals take great pleasure in thumping you again" are used in the same article. Might be time for the author study up on the definition of "condescending..."

    • Wylie Overstreet

      That isn't condescending. Condescending means to speak as though knowingly descending from a superior position of rank or dignity. The word I think you're looking for is "confident", which means sure of oneself, bold, and assured of correctness. In which case, yes, that was confident.

  • Douglas Sellers

    Totally agree with this. Democrats (and American Politics) need the fiscally conservative Republican party as a counter point to their own point of view. Can we just get the crazy out of the Republican party. I am a single issue voter and that issue is Science. I would really like to be able to hear arguments from both sides again.

  • Laura Novakovics

    "That movement must embody fiscal—not social—conservatism, small egalitarian government, and responsible free markets. Lastly and most importantly, base your political ideology on solid data, statistics, and reason, NOT fear, jingoism, and bigotry."

    Don't you realize you've described the modern democratic party?

  • carolyn.m.scott

    love this letter. And I would like to see a viable and real third party. one that doesn't get arrested for showing up at debates (albeit: Jill Stein Green Party candidate who was arrested)...for just showing up!