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  • rgschreib

    Dear Sirs, To fight global warming, have the United Nations create 'The Global 50/50 Lottery', the world's first honest global lottery, to raise the massive funds needed to buy clean electricity generating wind, solar, ocean and water systems, to replace the electricity from our coal burning electric power plants, that are emitting the carbon dioxide that is causing global warming. Remember, human greed is like a force of nature that can move mountains. If we can exploit it to fight global warming, we just might beat it!

  • Rich Mansfield

    Some of the best experiences I've had have been in hostels, exchanging upbeat ideas with others from all over the globe. I'd like to see high schools select one or more students each year and finance them to a couple of weeks in hostels. This would be aimed at kids who otherwise might never get out of their neighborhood, city, or state. The only requirement, once they are chosen, would be to share their experiences by contributing to a blog that's part of the program. They could write about what they turned out not to need or found missing in their backpacks; how they found jobs to earn their food; and what they learned from others.

  • ayamaya

    Let's get pay it forward viral at starbucks ! Live chat in line and connect all Starbucks so people can network.

  • Andrew Channin

    I find it particularly difficult to define 'good' when the origin of the word 'good' is 'God'.

  • william b

    The only true selfless choice for any future of humanity is not to reproduce. Ever heard of the "S-curve" ? That is the only solution if there even is one at this point.

  • citynsea

    This is very interesting. Here's some brief thoughts:

    - According to UN Food Programme, there’s a little over 7 billion people in the world, and about 8 million, on a daily basis, do not enough have enough to eat, and will go malnourished. Yet, as privileged as we are to be born in a part of the world where we will never go hungry ( at least not by choice) when was the last time we have really experienced hunger?

    I am not advocating or trying to convince the support of going hungry and under-nourishing ourselves as there are additional alarming statistics such as; the lack of clean water and sanitation in the rest of the world.

    But what we can practice is empathy for others who may not be as fortunate. One way to do this is through fasting; many cultural and religious days have been dedicated this observance. There are also health benefits to fasting such as; hormone regulation and detoxification. One study even found that it helps ward off cancer cells in the body.

    The practical implications could be everyday we fast, the money we are not using on our food consumption could be given back to a local organization in a developing country that is bridging the gap on hunger.

    Another: Imagine, in a diverse country like India, going to the poorest parts, and leaving refurbished laptops for young people where there is also internet access for the purposes of education and learning. For example, The Khan academy offers courses on any subject matter in the virtual world for free.

    What would happen if we brought access to education and information from the Khan Academy to kids in Calcutta via a relatively affordable device, the laptop computer. Imagine in return, what we would also learn through the continual goodness from peoples hearts, to be part of the journey to help solve some of the world’s complicated yet crucial issues on earth today.

    What drives people to action? Daniel Pink, wrote an interesting book called What Motivates Us-- Some take-aways are that humans are mostly driven by intrinsic motivators ( after basic needs are fulfilled) i.e, sense of purpose, belonging, learning a new skill, so on.

    I'd love to see how this develops further. Thanks for posting.

  • Cody Carlson

    I have dedicated my life to helping Humanity move 'towards' an RBE (Resource Based Economy). I am Senior Front-End Software Engineer at The Venus Project research center -- a Not-For-Profit who's aims and ambitions are to facilitate our culture's movement into a Type-1 Civilization.

    Still with me? So our research (and many other sources', including USDA) shows that there's 'enough to go around' -- meaning, hunger, poverty and the like are simply effects of our monetary system's insufficiency to distribute & allocate resources efficiently. At a point, due to automation, an individual's purchasing power will be too weak to access necessities. Advances in different technologies like Aquaponics already have the feasibility to provide enough organic produce and fish to feed a village of 1,000 people, 10 different vegetables each, everyday.

    The solution, in a nutshell, is the intelligent use of our technology to overcome challenges regarding Earth's resources.

    Learn more at theVenusProject dot com.

    Thx for reading :)

    • Indre

      YES! I am so glad you said it "there's 'enough to go around' -- meaning, hunger, poverty and the like are simply effects of our monetary system's insufficiency to distribute & allocate resources efficiently."
      So many people just don't GET it! Iv'e seen too many excuses: "too expensive", "impossible", "not worth it"........
      TheVenusProject looks GOOD !

  • Lullu

    My grandpa has always said, 'We are all made for GOOD'ness'….congratulations on this wonderful project….

    I can't wait to get involved:-)

    • Craig Ogg

      Global Giving is a great organization doing important work. I hadn't heard of Growing Up Global -- even the table of contents shares some good ideas. Thanks!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Fantastic! I already do this as well and am Thrilled to see so many GOOD ideas here!
    -2005 I left my full-time job, sold my home & most of my possessions to create/facilitate a volunteer literacy project in Belize (upon invitation from a local). I kept costs to an absolute minimum (living in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Belize City drinking rain water & eating simple food on $1.50 a day) so I could give as much as possible in partnering with locals.
    - Since 2005 up to 2012, I donated programs for 33,000 students and trained 800 teachers how to use their own cultural stories in schools.
    - I couchsurf wherever I travel as another cost cutting measure & travel by foot or cheapest public transport.
    - 2013 partnered with Artfully Aware, currently it's just 2 of us. I spent 30 days in Kenya & 30 days in Ghana interviewing locals artisans, educators, entrepreneurs and innovators collecting their stories and best practices for online sharing & in 2 books which are shared globally at universities and in presentations. Our goal is to Change the Pity/Poverty Model to the Potential and Possibility Model and break stereotypes. book:
    - currently assisting 2 seamstresses in selling their clothing in the US, one in Ghana and one in Kenya

    So much GOOD each of us can do. I look forward to more idea sharing & collaborations!
    On a tiny scale, I also carry my Free Hugs sign wherever I go, you never know when a Free Hug might be needed! :)

  • Indre

    I am over the moon to hear this conversation going! Right now I am taking baby steps setting up a venue to sell beautiful & meaningful items made all over the world:

    - by artisans & small companies who CARE about our planet, about others,
    - who do GOOD in this world (whether by making eco products, creating employment in impoverished parts of the world, donating to charity, etc)
    -create lively discussion about our concepts of "good"
    -start ideas about how to establish a new economy (re: Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein)

    It's an exciting project. It's great to run into a blog like this, and to see that so many people now have woken up to realize that consuming cheap junk (clothes, plastic, food) merely makes landfills grow while surrounding our lives with meaningless crap.
    I live in Spain, was born in the States and we'll have a global team. Although I love the made-in-USA movement, I believe that we are all humans with wants and needs and have to think of our planet as one big family.
    People from the US, Spain, Israel, Brazil, Russia, Lithuania, and Latvia who have joined this project The web site is not finished yet but if you'd like to join the community, and add your 2 cents in thefuture discussion, come visit here: Thanks, family of do-gooders!
    BTW, it is mostly for women but men are more than welcome to join, too, if they care ;-)

  • Sonya Bentovich

    What a great study! This will be such a useful tool for companies considering their social impact strategy. Curious what’s more effective in shifting attitudes: purely philanthropic actions (donating time, money, skills) or exchange based ones (1 for 1) where your purchase might remind you of the cause more frequently.

    Here are some other action ideas:

    - Food has a unique way of bringing people together and connecting cultures, what is the impact of eating foreign cuisine? See Conflict Kitchen, a restaurant that serves cuisine from countries that the US is in conflict with []
    - Art exhibits with a social commentary, such as the recent Kara Walker “A Subtlety” exhibit at Domino Sugar Factory []
    - Exercising to raise money for charities [] or joining a charity team for a race [think NYC tri, marathon, etc.]
    - Shopping to raise money for charities: either you can choose to round up [], or companies can agree to donate a percentage of your total purchase []
    - 1 for 1 model that doesn't give handouts but provides education and tools to activate a market []
    - First hand experience is always an invaluable way to learn about the world… pen pals?!

    Can't wait to see what happens, let me know if I can do anything else to help!

    • citynsea

      These are all very interesting. I'd be curious to see how much a Warby Parker pair of glasses sell for in India via the trained the NGO resellers (?)

    • Craig Ogg

      Fantastic list, thanks for the ideas! I like the first hand experience idea a lot, do you happen to know of any programs that facilitate that?

    • Paris Marron

      I have never heard of Conflict Kitchen. Love that idea! Wish we had one here in LA!

  • Sarah Aadland

    Global neighboring... What an amazing goal and excellent premise. I work for an organization called and we share the same hypothesis: that taking action at a small scale - locally and globally - leads to greater awareness, empathy, and ultimately more DOing.

    Our focus is on families Doing Good Together. Projects that might fit with your global neighboring initiative would be:

    *Assemble Church World Service KIts: Church World Service collects School Kits, Hygiene Kits, Baby Care Kits and Emergency Clean-up Buckets for worldwide distribution to those in need.

    *Make MicroLoans Through Kiva: Kiva works with microfinance institutions on five continents, and everyday people like you, to alleviate poverty. The idea is to help a family in a developing country by making a small loan (as little as $25).

    *Create a newsletter about a global issue your family cares about:

    Your article reminds me that my own family needs to take on a global focus more often. Your GOOD experiment seems like a great tool to get started.

    • Craig Ogg

      Very cool to hear about other organizations with a similar focus. I love the idea of integrating doing into family life, its a great way to connect through purpose.

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    It's great to see Do stories driving inspiration and action. It's always been what connects people to each other. Without it, other people have no reason to reveal themselves. That vulnerability is key. At a recent job meeting, we spent the whole day telling our very personal stories about how we got to where we were. It made me want to open up more. Story is the driving force of connection and community movement. It's what lights our fire and makes us see why we're doing what we're doing and how we can do it more and inspire others to do more.