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  • Abu Dhabi

    Great design concept but the message is seriously wrong. I hope they reconsider.
    Fact is the Earth IS warming.
    The Earth IS NOT dying. This concept is a non sequitur. Do you know the Permian–Triassic extinction event? Our beloved planet went trough it smoothly. Time intervals of millions of years, or the extinction of 90% of its life at one point, are matters of no relevance for the planet. We ARE the ones who are dying!
    This is campaign is plain wrong. It is a gift to global warming deniers worldwide.

  • Tim Holman

    Should it not read " It's worse than warming, it's dying!"

  • Bruce Weaver

    For those who do not think the planet is dying you might want to read
    The Dream of the Earth, by Thomas Berry
    The Revenge of Gaia, by James Lovelock
    or Daniel Pinchbecks paper
    Not to be taken literally or from simple human intelligence everything is dying and if we where really honest we would look and see we are a sick culture who is helping kill it. There is no saving planet earth only to rewrite the script of what it means to be human! Yes the earth will take care of itself but much like a birth from a human mother a rebirth of mother earth could be a shock for those who cannot comprehend what earth changes as whole will represent!
    Check out my project Earth 2.0 watch the video and please ask me a question at the link below!

  • steve reiss

    Unfortunately mister Glaser is a bit out of touch with the current state of positive messaging and action. Would you rather go to a march for Peace or an anti War rally? The planet is not dying, but it is certainly in peril if we (humans) keep doing nonsensical things like polluting clean water, smoking cigarettes, killing everything in our path, manufacturing food products unfit for human consumption etc. How about an inverted Nike swoosh with the slogan "Just Stop It"! ? I understand his plea to take notice, but this is a time where we need a collective consciousness awakening where we are simply fed up with selfish acts soley for the purpose of creative personal wealth. Utopic thinking, sharing the abundance, not taking more than we need, when we need it and actually caring about everything natural around us. And its not about saving anything. Its about doing the right thing. Period.

    • Kris Aubuchon

      What you just described is pretty much the definition of trite.

  • Michael Shawn Harrington

    Those would be foot marks, not apostrophes. I'm pretty sure Glaser would roll his eyes at this.

  • Valerie J.

    The earth will not die. It will find a way to cleanse itself and realign its systems. The question is will we make it through the process? At this rate, probably not. We are like a cancer to the earth and it will try to rid itself of this disease.

  • adrianjohnclare

    Very simple, we should have fewer people. We need to encourage lower birthrates and to work on the economic problems that arise from the changes

    • ForStudentPower

      Lower birthrates are caused by economic development and the empowerment of women, so focusing on lower birthrates is kind of beside the point, and will naturally sort itself out as we solve other social issues.

      But aside from that, we already produce way more than enough food to comfortably feed all of humanity. We don't have a population problem so much as a distribution problem (i.e. global capitalism).

  • Bill Crandall

    Agree with Jason. I actually think this is a noble but wrong-headed approach. We are in trouble, not the planet. 'Save the planet' is not nearly as powerful as 'save yourselves'!

  • Jason King

    I agree 100% that the earth is in trouble and our actions are a direct result. However, the earth is not dying. The earth is going to be fine. It'll regenerate itself in ways we cannot anticipate. What is going to die? Us. We're making the planet uninhabitable for our own species. The earth will remain far after we pollute ourselves into extinction.