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  • mindsnapshots

    Thank you for reminding us to eat healthier!

    Time to really cut out the junk food :/

    • Angela Holtzen

      Yeah moderation is okay. I feel like if you go hard core, you crash hard core. :) Veggies, Fruits, Healthy meat, then splash some carbs if you choose, quantity in that order, and you will be a perdy healthy cat!

      • mindsnapshots

        Right, moderation!
        Starting to be more mindful of what I eat now.
        Thanks again :)

  • Tay

    It's interesting to see what the authors' opinion was on the 15 unhealthiest foods, however I don't entirely agree with her. Surely junk food is worse than artificial sweeteners? All those added fats and preservatives against a product which might cause cancer??
    On a separate note about milk, it should be pasteurised and homogenised- I know it is here in Australia. Is the American dairy industry the same in this regard? I'll have to google it and see what comes up.
    You can think about what the author has said from two different mindsets: 1. The fact that some milk contained pus cells is highly disturbing considering milk is pasteurised and homogenised. 2. Even if it was "au naturale" styled milk, it shouldn't matter. Believe it or not, milk was not always pasteurised, so our ancestors would have drunk milk containing these types of micro-organisms.
    Lastly, most of what the author has written (despite a few holes in her reasoning) is common sense: stay away from as much processed food as you can, and limit your meat and protein to a moderate amount.

    • Angela Holtzen

      Anything processed is bad for you (regarding the milk) Rad milk, straight from the cow is best, no preservative chemicals in that. I actually just drink hemp milk. I think cow milk is not good at all for you. I think the author just meant these are 15 bad foods, not that it's in any order. Either way, we all eat way to much meat, carbs, and dairy. I mainly eat veggies, fruit, turkey or chicken, very few carbs and if I do it's not too processed and gluten free. Mine is due to allergies at age 30 but I feel like a new person since I changed my diet 4 years ago. Much more energy and I don't work out much but stay thin and fit. :)

      • Tay

        Similar diet, haha- I try to avoid dairy (when possible) because of the ethical side of things more than anything else- I stick to veges, good carbs (like quinoa and cous cous) and lean meat/poultry. There are sometimes when I need to indulge in chocolate or ice cream or cheese, but those are the kinds of "good junk food" we should be having rather than Maccas (McDonalds) or Hungry Jacks (Burger King) or whatever. That's why I commented about artificial sugar being lower than junk food on the Top 15 worst foods.
        We don't have hemp milk here in Australia, but I'm not too sure I'd be convinced enough to drink it- does it taste like soy or almond milk?

        • Angela Holtzen

          Yeah kinda tastes like those. Works great as a creamer in coffee. My 7 year old loves it, so if that means anything haha

        • Tom Maybrier

          Almost indistinguishable from almond/soy milk, in my experience.