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  • Eques18

    Hi Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your insights in this article - it was really helpful to read. I was wondering if you had any tips on how to go about "recruiting" a business partner. I recently realized this would be key for me to best move forward but I am not sure how to go about it...I have a few ideas to start but thought of asking you first since you may have a few resources to recommend for finding partners. Thanks again!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Hi Eques, member Tanya Menendez just posted an article about how to find the right business partner. Here it is: The best way is to start with outlining out what skills you offer, and what you could use support with.

      Also, going to networking events through Impact Hub or Makerspace could help. The more you blog about your work, the more you could attract people with similar interest in the field. What business are you trying to build?

      • Eques18

        Thank you so much for the information, Alessandra. I will check out the link to the article. I am not familiar with the 2 resources you mentioned for networking events so I will check those out as well. I'd rather give details about my company name offline- but I have a website and an associated app that I'm planning on launching next year. It involves making eco-friendly and cruelty- free product choices. Thank you!

  • Ali Akram

    simply i will say superb Mind Blowing.You share your experience with us.

  • Danil.Watson

    Thank you, Sarah! I needed this article. Some of these points hit so close to home. I'm grateful that you shared these insights. A huge Aha was noticing patterns. When I read that point, I could remember a few times I thought it was interesting and didn't take action. It feels like a no-brainer now! Michigan Ave Bags thanks you!!

    • Sarah McKinney

      So glad it was helpful! Thanks for letting me know:)

  • Bev Hepting

    Having worked at getting my empowerment message to women, in my own authentic way, across online, I have struggled with the huge amount of information and competition out there. Your post today has reminded me about a few things, and I now remember why I started in the first place. So I start again today with renewed vigour and passion. I have a great message and I want every woman to hear it.

    • Sarah McKinney

      I'm so glad Bev ...never give up on your passion and trying to be of help! Your taking action inspires others to do the same!

  • Bev Hepting

    Thank you for reminding me why I work online. I have struggled for a couple of years now and sometimes I think that my message gets lost. However your post has reminded me why I do what I do and that I have an authentic message for everyone.

  • Shira White

    I took a break from the 10th 20-hour work day I've had in a row (because we just launched our first site) I thought I could use some tips for first time entrepreneurs. I really appreciate your thoughts. especially the ones about finding/creating fun, to help you get through to rough and the mundane. Thanks for sharing!

    • Sarah McKinney

      So glad you took a break! I call doing more work when you're feeling stressed out about work "moving into the problem." I do it too:) Fun is a requirement, but it's not always there ...and that's okay too cause it makes us appreciate it, right? Good luck with your launch!

      • Shira White

        Thanks! I took a break today too! Realizing I need to do this more often! Thanks for your good wishes! Check out the site, BeautifulNow ( ) . Would love your feedback.

  • Regina Guzman Z

    This is GOOD. Thanks for sharing Sarah!

  • Monika Denes

    Good article. I am so happy for you!!!
    Do you know Perhaps team up? They have a massive following of your people.
    Wishing you all the best, Monika

    • Sarah McKinney

      Thanks Monika - I'm not familiar so will check them out now!
      Wishing you the best too!

  • Amanda Lasser

    Really great article, thanks!!

  • Natasha Oliver

    A wonderful read between emails this morning :) I'm about 2 years into 1 business and 8 months into another so points 10,9, 7,6 and 4 were especially meaningful to me! Also tip #1 is such a welcomed reminder - self-doubt is creepy enough, never mind when it is shadowed by naysayers 2 cents!

    Really looking forward to seeing Amp develop - I just read 3 articles and started following 2 new networks. Thanks for having the gusto to do what you do!

    • Sarah McKinney

      Indeed - naysayers are tricky territory in my experience, as a handful of people that were initially lukewarm on my pursuits have now come around and become really supportive. I think it's important to be protective without being dismissive.

      Glad you found my tips helpful, and love your excitement about Amp! :) Awesome that you have 2 businesses in the works! If either fit into categories on Amp please add them & we will give you increased visibility!

  • Naomi Mastachi

    in some minutes I am about to start an Startup Weekend workshop!! thanks for your words, I really appreciate them!!

    • Sarah McKinney

      You're so welcome Naomi - enjoy your workshop! :)

  • Elizabeth Sanders

    This is a great list! It is thoughtful, insightful, yet easy to digest for the budding entrepreneur. I am sharing it with the tenants of our retail incubator, Urban Emporium. Many of the owners are first-time entrepreneurs following a dream as you did.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Thanks Elizabeth - glad you found it useful, and thanks for sharing with others!

  • Kitty Farmer

    Thank you, Sarah. The world of advocacy can be lonely. While not attempting to start a company, but rather, a nonprofit to uplift the country's most vulnerable and suffering people - the Oglala Lakota Native Americans, your list will be held close as I continue to place one foot in front of the other moving forward.

    So many articles of this type are not written from the heart, nor with the level of psycho-spiritual sophistication that you possess. The triple bottom line that you offered is: STAY BALANCED, which is at the heart of the Lakota teachings through their amazing Medicine Wheel - the circle with the equal-armed cross in the middle. The 4 quadrants symbolizing the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental (also many more things - such as the 4 directions, the 4 races of mankind, etc.) and the importance of staying in the center of the wheel.

    Thank you again and best of luck. With kind regards for the goodness you are brining to the world. An email response from Paul Hawken would definitely keep one going! : )

    Kitty Farmer

    • Sarah McKinney

      One foot in front of the other is the only way to go Kitty, and the Lakota teachings you mention sound very interesting! Thank you for sharing a little bit about them with us, and best of luck to you in your efforts! If you have a clear vision of a better future, and believe you can create something that helps, never give up! :)

  • Todd Jones

    I agree with all 10 but I'm surprised to see that there's nothing mentioned about the process of building an actual product and validating your assumptions.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Great point Todd, and maybe I can cover in more detail in a future article. My background is consumer research so we've done a lot of testing along the way, and we involved our developers in major conversations with the UX/design guys to ensure we created a solid plan we could realistically execute against. That's my short answer:)

  • mbstrawn

    Sarah - I love this list that you put together! You are spot on with every point and I know it will be helpful to many people. I also LOVE the idea for your website! Thank you for stepping up to provide a much needed resource for the world.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the article, and love your enthusiasm for Amp - please check us out, create a profile, share/rate/review, and email if you have any questions or feedback! :)

  • Jacki Carr

    #8 Build your personal brand. So clutch for anyone, be it in a large corporation or starting your own company. Know your core values so you have a guide for the moment you feel lost, stumble or fail. They will always bring you back and you will keep learning, keep creating and keep rocking. Great read.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Yes! So agree with this. Probably one reason why so many business folks are getting into meditation:)

  • Paul Jarvis

    #9 for sure, most of the time it's best to focus on the work at hand and less on the future and "what if's".

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I totally focus too much on the future, but I think it helps me think more strategically.

      • Sarah McKinney

        It's such a balance, right? We have to have a clear vision of where we're going, but be flexible when it comes to how we get there.

  • Chelsea Spann

    Definitely need to celebrate with small wins. Sometimes I only see the 10K race, not that I finished however many miles along the way.

    • Sarah McKinney

      Me too! This is one I need to be reminded of, regularly:)