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  • Max Schorr

    Very interesting to me how Paida and Ragnar Poulsen have different points of view on this. Paida brings us the Bhagavad Gita concept of action without consideration of the fruits of action, and Ragnar Poulsen has more of a de Toquevillian call for enlightened self interest.

    My idea is for people to start taking walks and picking up trash along the way. I saw a old Japanese man with a full trash bag at the base of Griffith Park one morning. He had just walked up and down the trail picking up trash. He was exuding joy, and it inspired me. Recently, I went for a walk in my neighborhood and brought a trash bag. It felt so easy and good to pick up lots of litter - especially the little liquor bottles and cigarette packages that had been there on the side of the road for months, if not years. I'd like to see a combination of more walks with trash bags and the trashmobs, like the one that just happened in Baltimore.

  • paida

    There is incredible many ways we could start change, with all kind of means and with any kind of knowledge or skill, but no matter what you do it will be useless unless the intention is absolutely pure. Whatever we do we expect something in return, may it be respect, popularity, gratefulness, fame or money. It shouldn't be like that. Instead, whatever you do, do it as a service to society, to the man living next door, to your parents, your boss or whoever you might encounter and gives you the opportunity to serve them. And for that service expect nothing in return, instead be grateful for the opportunity to serve.
    We are not living in a society where there's a lack of competence or skills, but we use it in a wrong way. Re-installing altruism, morals and ethics and all that we do is first priority, by which means are not so important. Use whatever you have, whatever you can. If your a leader, then lead in this spirit, if your banker, then do your business in a ethical way, if your working in the local supermarket, see every customer as an opportunity to give.

  • Ragnar Poulsen

    What's my idea for a big WIN? - For everyone to realize and utilize the only certainty in this world, that we are all selfish, and that our profound selfish goals are not about getting, but about sharing. The best place to start anything, I would argue, is the center, the core, and in your universe, YOU are that center

  • ideasnotthings

    ~ Everyone varies and taries on morality and politics but we can all come together for Economic reasons and stop with trying to convince or un-convince people about climate crisis issues. Stop with all traditional democrat trip wire words that alienate people (even 'green') and cause critical time loss in debating and just push an economic renaissance through bio, wind and solar through bottom line cost reasoning. Initial outlay of money is present in any good investment (including solar on your own house where you are damning republicans). Political parties are to woo you astray with Future promises. YOU act now.
    You need rain barrels, solar and an electric car (like even Reagan's George Schultz has) more than you need a new vacation, fancier wheels, purse or bigger home....quality over quantity. Put your cash where your heart/mouth is.

  • Beads Land-Trujillo

    Found a local (in my case, NYC) collective of technologists and activists collaborating on building constructive programmes (including constructive computer programs) that leverage the power of propiquinity for political and social change.

    Whether this is doable depends on whether there are others dissatisfied with the popular focus of activism and technology on aggregation and abstraction, and further on whether such individuals can find one another amidst the din of popular causes.