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  • George McGraw

    #4LITERS WEEK STARTS TOMORROW! Sign up to join the hundreds around the world living on 4 liters this week!

    If you can't take the Challenge, make a donation to help communities living in water poverty. Thanks for the incredible support!

  • DonieceS

    If I hadn't done a No Shower Challenge for a week two weeks ago, I'd be so game to do this. However, I'll spread the word, track people's progress and am sending lots of good vibes. This is such an important cause!

    • George McGraw

      Haha. Talk about timing. Thanks for helping us get the word out!

  • George McGraw

    We're so happy by all the GOOD love this is getting. Thanks for living #4Liters with us - we're so excited for Monday!

  • Abby Dring

    Im currently living in Ecuador, cant drink water unless its boiled or bottled (trust me i tried haha) i have no shower in my house and no running water. I would have never imagined myself doing this, but now i cant imagine how i possibly used so much water at home.

  • George McGraw

    Curious what 4Liters will be like? Check out the profile for Kirsty Spraggon.

    She participated for #influencerWeek and it's amazing. So many funny, awkward, insightful moments. And you'll lose it when she licks her breakfast bowl clean instead of washing it. hahaha.

  • Shauna Nep

    I have to admit, this intimidates me, but I think it is important to at least try, right? Thank you so much for posting!

    • George McGraw

      You can totally do it, Shauna! Get scrappy (and grab a sponge). :)

  • Todd Tyrtle

    Great idea! It reminds me of a discussion I had with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago when I shared this:

    His assertion was that we have bigger problems (like climate change and peak oil) and in our city where fresh water isn't a big issue, we needn't worry and should work on the other problems first.

    But here's the thing, in places with running water, the issues are connected. Water is pumped by electric pumps whose pipes are maintained (usually) by trucks and vehicles powered by petroleum. I went so far as to look at the power consumption of a simple water pump, quantify the CO2 emissions per gallon and then the average gallons used per minute in a shower. Spread over the 34 million or so people in our country the result was that a 2 minute reduction in shower time equated to something like a 100 million ton reduction in CO2 emissions. (I wish I could dig up the calculations - it was a really interesting and fun exercise to do)

    In other words, water is everyone's problem.

    • George McGraw

      We always have conversations about desalination this way. Desalination has so much promise. But for now, the water consumed to create the energy that powers the plant is more than the plant desalinates. It's actually fresh water negative!

  • George McGraw

    Some brave celebrities, bloggers and activists have already started their 4Liter Challenges. You can follow along on our blog: or by using the hashtags #4Liters & #InfluencerWeek!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I think I need to develop a system with a bucket or cup for showering. I did this in Ghana- where water was actually scarce- and it's not hard at all. Do you guys recommend anything to help measure water usage? By the way, you're featured on our homepage today! Scroll through the carousel and you'll see it!

      • George McGraw

        We're on the home page! We see it! Yay! Going to follow up with a Learn too... a little background on the water crisis here in the US.

        Alessandra, we already have people online struggling with this one. Try dry shampoo and a little Dr. Bronner's Soap on a washcloth. And for containers - we're using one liter water bottles. Fill four times a day and you're done!

      • Todd Tyrtle

        About 15 years ago our family lived in a yurt in the Missouri Ozarks with no running water. We carried our water from a nearby spring in these: Three of us would use 1-2 of those/day - not four litres by any stretch but certainly a lot better than we're doing now with municipal water supply.

        But anyway - perhaps one of those or a similar one filled with your daily quantity would work as a system?

        • Alessandra Rizzotti

          Thanks for sharing. That really helps. Interesting point you brought up about the energy consumption that happens through a simple water pump. I wonder if there was a way to minimize that other than taking a military shower- and using products like the one you share above. It seems our pipes and shower pumps and water heaters need a redesign.

          • Todd Tyrtle

            Well in my case I was just looking at cold water and an average showerhead's flow. I seem to remember its working out to about a 5 gallon (19 litres!) reduction in water with a 2.5 GPM showerhead. You could just as easily get a 5 gallon reduction with a higher efficiency showerhead and the same duration. Or both!

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      So great to see you guys working together! Thanks for sharing that.