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Today's a 'Good Day' to Bribe Goodyear

Good Day Blimp

Los Angeles, CA, United States
January 20, 2014at 12:00 am

Surely, there must be thousands, even millions, of "It Was a Good Day" enthusiasts who would love to see Ice Cube's Goodyear blimp fly the skies for a good cause. Let's pay homage to this song by making January 20, 2014 the best day ever.

But knowing that Goodyear might take exception, we're crowdsourcing money for charity with the express purpose of forcing Goodyear's hand to fly their blimp.

So if we all donate, we'll spread the joy of good days to everyone, and make January 20, 2014, a good day to remember.

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  • Casey Caplowe

    Yep. This is awesome. I'll toss in a few bucks to a good, and valiantly ridiculous cause.

    Way to go guys.

    • Good Day Blimp

      Casey, if being awesome was a competitive sport you'd be our number 1 pick! Thank you.

  • Tom Maybrier

    Interesting campaign.

    However, I don't think any brand would EVER go for something like this - The word "Pimp" may be contextually synonymous with "cool guy" in the song, but I don't think you can unravel the word from it's associations with the sexual exploitation and abuse of women.

    I'm curious how the campaign organizers plan to approach this loaded language problem as I can't see Goodyear being interested in aligning their brand with this, regardless of the amount of money raised for charity.

    I'm also interested in how reading "Ice Cube's a pimp" on the blimp is supposed to remind people that "good days do happen" - is there a plan for disseminating information regarding the good that this is supposed to do, or is the charity being used as leverage to attempt to get Goodyear to do something that amuses people "in the know"?

    • Good Day Blimp

      Hi Tom! Thanks for your interest and taking time to post.

      Our intentions have always been for the best. Giving kids that money, while seeing something we hold dear, like the blimp, happen for real. If that can’t be, so be it. We’re open to changing some language, as long as we can make everyone happy about it e.g. donators, Goodyear, charity

      But if this does end up happening, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this event will not be lost in the media driven world we live in today. Media outlets spread the Good Day message because the Internet raised a lot of money for charity, many people will get to feel nostalgic seeing something they’ve only dreamed about and Goodyear played a big time hero doing something totally rad.

      Personally, we would have made something pretty awesome happen from the ground up with the help of the Internet. Isn’t making your dreams come true a good thing? Also inspiring? And if it’s amusing at the same time, even better!

      • Tom Maybrier

        Very interesting! Thanks for the response.

  • Liz Dwyer

    Hey Good Day Blimp folks, question for you: Is the blimp going to actually broadcast the word "pimp" across Los Angeles--or will it say something else?

    • Good Day Blimp

      Hi Liz, we knew from the start Goodyear would probably never go for the word "pimp", but it's our tension point. There's nothing to talk about if we didn't start out true to the song.

      That said, we're open to changing the language. We want the charity to get the money. But we also want to make the people donating happy by flying the blimp we've all dreamed about for over 20 years.

      I think there's a happy medium we can all achieve moving forward.

      • Liz Dwyer

        You should ask Ice Cube what the 2013 word should be. ;)

        • Liz Dwyer

          Or rather, 2014! I'll remember it's a new year one of these days!

    • Craig Ogg

      From the funding page, the funds will go to A Place Called Home ( but they aren't working with them:

      "Are you guys affiliated with Ice Cube, Goodyear, or APCH? No, no, and no"

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        Cool. I love A Place Called Home. Great org that empowers homeless youth.

        • Good Day Blimp

          Hi Alessandra, great minds think alike! We thought A Place Called Home was a great choice for out project. They're doing everything they can for the community, and we'd love to do the same.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    thank you for making today a good day for me with this effort. donating now.

    • Good Day Blimp

      Hi Ben! Thanks for your support. We wish many good days on you.