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Tell Your Local Congressperson to Get Serious About Gun Violence

Zachary Slobig

Homicide is the second leading cause of death of 15-24 year olds in the U.S. and every 30 minutes a child or teen is shot in America.That's astounding. Sign this petition to pledge to end the violence and pressure your local congressperson to support universal criminal and mental health background checks on all new gun purchases. From Newtown to Chicago to most recently in Santa Monica, recent tragedies show it's high time for us to seriously overhaul gun legislation. Let your voice be heard.

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  • Michael Beck

    well(!) this a complex conundrum... of course it shouldnt be easier to get a fire-arm than buying and operating a car. but first off i'm not much for laws (n general) and any governent ( but Love) tellin me what too do... i grew up with guns (had my first at 7 years old, out n the Mojave just across the mountains from death valley)... my Dad taught me, safety first, how to shoot straight a distant 2nd. anyway,,,, for the last 30+ years i've been living in the mountains of northen New Mexico, where hunting (and fishing) & gathering plants is way of Life. Hunting is a way that father n son/daughter learn bout each of the other and Life. it's not about the harvest, but the hunt itself.... you get to know each other, Father n kids, planet and hunters.... ( i suppose city folk can only imagine)......... So, what do we do to stop the insanity(?) ban guns(?) tell it to the people that were maimed in Boston... so we ban pressure cookers(!)? well, heck, their ya go.... No, the problem hinges on the the bent psyche of America.... big brother (daddy) governtnent ain't gonna fix-it...... tis up to you n me.

  • Justin Cothern

    Gun control has nothing to do with controlling guns, it is about controlling people. If we want to end gun violence, or any form of violence for that matter, we have to enforce the laws that are already in the books. Every single "gun control" law that has been pushed in the recent months has been a rehashing of one or several already in place (or that have been attempted). Weapon bans, magazine bans, etc. do nothing but take firearms away from law abiding citizens. Like ryan8816 said, criminals are called criminals for a reason, THEY BREAK THE LAW! Not a single one of the recent, despicable attacks were perpetrated by someone following the law, they were however easily accomplished because everyone that was a good citizen (following the law) was disarmed and were turned into victims by doing so.

  • ryan8816

    Majority of American gun crime occur with the use of illegal firearms. I'm sure criminals will comply fully to background checks