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Tell Toys R Us To Stop Airing Their Commercial Mocking Nature and Hawking Plastic

Stef McDonald


Sign the Sierra Club petition to urge Toys R Us to take down their commercial. From the Sierra Club: "Toys 'R' Us has an irresponsible new ad out that tells children to reject the outdoors and purchase toys. With childhood obesity at an all-time high, Toys 'R' Us should be encouraging healthy activities and outings. We demand that Toys 'R' Us remove their shameful ads, apologize, and instead support getting children outside. Toys and the outdoors shouldn't be in competition." Agreed.

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  • SundayMorning

    Geez, this is a toy store ad, people. They weren't telling kids to choose toys over nature ... they were telling kids to choose something exciting and fun over something boring. (Learning about trees is a good thing to do, sure, but for a kid it has to be a lot more boring than going to a toy store!)

  • Joao Alves

    I think people are overreacting to the video.
    It's a commercial. And please, they aren't really so pulling over the fence. People in the internet have to be more wise and less stressed.

    One thing that people actually miss/disregard is that it's also the parents job to teach their children about the advantages of both ways of playing and learning: nature and toys. I know it's a lot easier to blame the billionaire companies but that's not the solution.

  • Angela Baxley

    Anyone who doesn't get this ad had too much privilege to see straight.

    Wipe your eyes clear. Has that girl ever had a 'christmas'?

    Don't cry for me, I have your Santa,

    Angela Maria, mother and child, ave me.

  • Patty Graham

    I thought I was the only one that was bothered by this ad! Let's just reinforce to children that being outside and/or learning about nature sucks (something which--unfortunately--too many of them already think!) It's just not a very socially responsible ad. Having worked in advertising in the past, I know there are many ways to sell a product!

  • Carly Harrill

    Does anyone have a link to the petition? I get a blank app page when I click on the link. Is it still live?

  • liatione

    Forget trying to tell them or anyone what to do - has never and will never work - a fight with reality and always a lost cause

    Simply tell everyone you know about Toys-R-us' stupidity and ask them to put their dollars elsewhere - "show them the 'lack-of-money' and it is all over, a done deal - nothing to ask or tell

    The greedy and stupid are easily undone by lack of dollars flowing in!

    • Angela Baxley

      Hey Toys R Us. I love you. I missed you. I tweeted it, honestly. You see me. I was raised on freebies, hand-me-downs and never a tree in my house. No one gave me presents. I was told there was a bank in heaven. Wanna help me fix broken sight? Jimmy Wales knows what I mean. I'll post it as soon as I find some lye soap for my dirty mouth.

  • Madeleine Yu

    I do agree that we should be promoting healthy living but what I don't agree with is thinking we can demand a multi-billion dollar company do what we want them to that goes against them making money. We have to stop parading around like our way is the only way, and think of the most efficient ways of getting companies to comply. Rather than spend time bully with petitions, let's play nice. Not every corporation is bad. Let find together incentives that will get ToysRus a reason to jump the GREEN bandwagon so that it works with their messages. To honestly think that telling a company that has been making money selling plastic for decades to stop is simply an inefficient use of people hours.

    • charlest0nian

      Nicely put. Thinking when i was that age...there was a time for both toys and nature - dictating that one should be chosen over the other as good or bad is a bit condescending.

      • Angela Baxley

        people live on the internet now. they have opinions with no lives.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      I think a petition definitely raises awareness, and may make them think about bringing greener/more intellectually stimulating toys into the company.

      • Angela Baxley

        yeah, go join the idiots trying to save veterans.

        they laugh at you too.

        or drop your dollars, where do you worship?

      • Carly Harrill

        Agreed, Alessandra. Campbell's committed to eliminating bisphenol-A (BPA) from their cans marketed to children in 2012 due to a petition, and the USDA banished "pink slime" in schools due to a petition started by a concerned mom, which reached 200,000 signatures in a few days. Companies today understand the concept of social responsibility and often it just takes a conversation starter.

        • Angela Baxley

          Alessandra (al-ess-sahn'-drah) is a female given name of Greek origin, meaning defender of men. It is the Italian form of Alexandra and the female form of the male given name Alessandro.

          I guess she wasn't born for toys and jokes and playing like me?

    • Angela Baxley

      you put your name, but what exactly did you just stand up for?

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    A smarter way to sell Toys R Us: Barbie cleaning up trash on the beach. Princesses studying textbooks in a classroom. Electric firetrucks and cars.

    • Angela Baxley

      Join the Jehovah's Witnesses—they plan to clean up toxic gas and nuclear waste for 1,000 years. I mock them. I'm going to heaven. God has that covered. Like I fell for a single line you've been feeding, doe?

      • Alessandra Rizzotti

        You should ask Robert Von Goeben to take a stand against this. I bought Goldieblox for my niece by the way, and I was so sad that she actually didn't like it. AND, I tried actually playing with it and to be honest, it was cumbersome. Totally awesome idea but the ribbons they use make it hard to maneuver.

        • Angela Baxley

          try to get funding to fix a few things...

          • Alessandra Rizzotti

            Hey Laurie- I like the fact that your toys allow kids to create different shapes and structures- but I'm wondering, are there plans to make blank surfaces so that kids can design their own interiors? I think that might be interesting and inspire more imagination.

            • Angela Baxley

              Screw interior design—lame.


              Get better punchlines or follow iSiriSilly — or ask for ms. dewey — she's dead on the domain's doorstep.

  • Adele Peters

    This ad is pathetic, and it's sad that it's scheduled to run on all the major networks and be seen by millions of kids. The pro-toys message is hardly surprising, but who at the ad agency really thought it was a good idea to diss the outdoors?

  • Craig Dalrymple

    For the record, Toys R Us is NEVER that clean either.

    I don't mind my children wanting and enjoying toys, but those stores are... the reason I try to shop Amazon for them :)