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Tell Presidential Candidates to Take a Public Stand On Money In Politics *Before* Election Day!


We can't just wait until after the election is over to take on the corrupting influence of big money in politics - by then the damage will already be done! A whoppin' 87% of Americans say ending political corruption should be the next president's 2nd highest priority (behind jobs!), yet we've seen NO serious discussion of the issue from either candidate anywhere on the campaign trail. Voters deserve answers, so join us in calling on both Obama & Romney to publicly tell us where they stand!

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  • Vast Shadow

    Money... Is not that important. Who cares if the president is rich? I'm sure I'm probably one of the most poorest person on this site, money wise, but I do not care how much money anyone has. The government really needs someone who is GOOD with money to balance the finances of the USA. As Obama, has proven he is not very good at doing. Obama had great ingenuity and is a great speaker, but being humanitarian and pro-choice is not balancing any federal budget. Sorry, but thats true. Obama is a good guy, has great dreams; wants to help the people... But makes some thought-less decisions.

    Money... Is not important. I spent a good 10 minutes looking for a video, I did not find. There is a Nasa scientist who went to congress and inflamed them with ridicule... The guy had some brilliant ideas -- The scientist is a black guy, that named Pluto to be a dwarf planet. Couldn't find the video i'm referring but I will summarize.
    He argued how poor our nation has become and how much our country lacks in innovation and progress. Saying, it is politics' fault that have brought our nation to this level. Our nation has lost motivation and all our jobs have been placed over seas for other countries to excel with. The scientist proclaimed that the nation had a imagination of what beyond 2000 would look like, in the 60s... Saying people were excited about the future... Computers and other great innovations were at USA's peak at that moment of time. All because, country placed money into the Space industry.

    All that is true, that scientist appointed... Money is not the problem, but it is the incentive of our nation. We have no outlook for the future... We have finally made the 3rd Mars rover popular... That is not even putting any sort of momentum towards. All we have is putting it in front of people... Hoping it sounds cool enough to follow. Companies that create innovative technologies constantly give other countries the factories it is all made in. So those countries can excel in it -- Leaving the USA on a stem of entertainment media. So while other countries make tomorrow's tech... We are only on stage doing skits.

    MONEY is NOT a problem -- USA needs more then just a good speaker and USA needs more then a balanced budget. We need to have people putting effort into progressive causes. We do NOT need rich people giving countries money -- WHEN the USA is failing to be progressive.

    When you look down where innovation comes from... It comes from people, but when you look under the latest tech... It carries a MADE IN CHINA sticker. So where is all the rich funding... FOREIGN COUNTRIES. Same places they put their factories at. But they sure love to sale their product in USA and even LIVE in the USA, but they surely like to not give anyone of their customers IN THEIR HOME COUNTRY a job or help.

    Our country needs more innovation. And innovation brings jobs, itself.

    • Vast Shadow
      Found the guy's lecture to the senate.
      Brilliant, you should watch it.
      See, this is how you congregate to the senate... You don't get all snooty and blame your writer for being a dumbass like Steve Colbert... You have substance not babble.