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Take Back Tuesday: Make Voting Day a National Holiday


Think about it: Holding an election in the middle of the work week doesn’t make sense. How can our democracy thrive when voting is squeezed into what odd hours we can find for it?

GOOD will be closing its offices on Tuesday, November 6—giving all of our employees the day off in the spirit of a more engaged citizenship. We're calling on other companies to do the same. To sign your company up or urge your employer to join in, visit

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  • betty.banham1

    In years past the state of Calif. used to have 4 hrs.paid leave so we,the working class could go vote and not be docked their pay.This encouraged people to vote.

  • catsclaws

    Vote on Veterans Day in recognition of their sacrifice to make Democracy and voting possible.
    Its already a holiday. it would be about a week later than when we currently vote

    • tpapucko

      I'd rather have it on the 4th of July. No better way to celebrate the birth of the nation by voting which should also become part of the Bill of Rights.

    • dmgarcia22

      I think this is a great idea, it reiterates to Americans that freedom came at a cost and and those who believe in that choice.Exercise your right to vote .

  • DessaDalcieDaryn

    I think that is really coool, cause its a very important issue , I know this is the first election I voted in, i'm totally excited I think people especially in my age group should be paying attention to whats going on int he political world, and taking the time to look up candidates.

  • Mo Townsend

    Great cause! Saw this movement on HuffPost Live.

  • nanasharonlee

    If folks can't get a whole day I think it's at least worth a half day!

  • Datenog Photo

    I'm all for giving employees time to vote on Tuesday. It's highly important. Calling on small and medium sized businesses, even large businesses, to close is unreasonable, though. I will be making sure my employees are able to vote with paid time off, but I cannot list my business as endorsing this if it's a call to close business for the day. In fact, I find this alienating. It would be a much better use of time and effort for a campaign like this to promote federally mandated extended polling hours and a social security-like program for worker compensation if and when a person has to take time off to vote, rather than putting the onus on the employer to pay workers to vote. You would find support for this issue to be much broader among businesses, which is what what it will need to gain any traction.

  • manifesto

    How many times do people race to the polls or not get there at all because the pressures of work are breathing down their neck? Voting is one of the most important expressions of choice we as free society get to make. To us, it's not about rich or poor. It's about being freed to make your voice heard as part of the democratic process. With a national holiday in place, we can bring focus to the very thing that keeps our economy running and our world in balance. Our freedom to choose.

  • bttab

    Make voting happen on the WEEKEND, like the French and Germans do. They put the US turnout to shame.

  • Luanne Brooten

    Voting is such an important privilege, I can't believe so many people do not take advantage of it. Every person should vote--if we don't we will lose our freedom and right to choose who is in the government.This laziness on the part of voters is what the super rich are counting on in their bid to buy our country and take away our freedom. don't let them--VOTE

  • cedwards

    Why don't we have a holiday for a mover and shaker woman in this country? I have not heard anyone ask that question much less propose it to Congress or whoever decides out National Holidays. It seems our daughters would benefit from such an honoring of a notable woman. Don't even think about Mother's Day, (which is banned in this family). It is far from being the same thing.

  • Elliot Blanton

    Put all the polling locations in malls and boom, we got an even earlier start to the X-Mas shopping season... hooray!

  • Vast Shadow

    I wouldn't mind a extra day... No one else wouldn't mind having another day off, but I don't see it as ever happening. Still though, something worth sticking too... You should make a petition send it to congress, even state party could help put motion into that, not the president.

    Why not it work?
    Well in politics... President may look at that and go hey, maybe I can campaign with that -- But if he or she isn't reelected he or she could `can the petition. Congress may or may not like it -- Its like making massive changes in school systems: It sounds cool, but what is essentially wrong with school today(Is what old fashion people think)... It would then just get tossed to the side and probably never be picked up... There is also those few congress people, who are not old fashioned and would be like, "YES! New, way to get people to vote" . Then you also have defense branches that will be like, "Everyone gets a day off, while we make verifications of that votes are counted for legitimately!? No way!"

    Government is made of branches and its what keeps our Nation secure and pretty much fail-proof... Sometimes, anyway. Gotta fancy all of them to really have good momentum or have it set up to avoid those nay-sayers.

  • Glenn N

    Hooray, 4 day weekend! Seriously, Tuesday is not a great idea. It has to be moved to Wednesday, and then made into a day off, so that people would be less likely to use it for an extended weekend. Or how about giving people the day off ONLY if they can show their voting stub. Now what do we do to encourage people who have no job?