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Take A Walk to Boost Creativity

Mayer Dahan


According to L.A. Times, if you're in a creative slump, you should take a walk. I agree 100%! Physical activity is not only good for your health but it's amazing for the mind. It clears your senses and you become more in tune with your surroundings. Your mind runs and new ideas are formed. Go for a hike, walk around your neighborhood. The weather is great. Enjoy it and create!

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  • Todd Tyrtle

    Physical activity is fantastic for a mental reset and boost. For a long time I thought that my emotional and creative slump in the winter was entirely due to lack of sunlight. While that may be partially true, I tried an experiment this winter. Instead of slowing down on physical activity, I just moved it to indoor spin classes (I'm not a fan of outdoor winter activities). It wasn't perfect but it made a noticeable difference.

    In the summer I try to run or bike every day and when I'm regular with that I feel like a different human being.

  • Michelle Lin

    Liberty Hill makes "instant recess" a daily priority - a 10 minute walk breaks up that mundane work routine to remind you that the sun is shining!

  • Larry Vanzant

    I go for a ride on my mountain bike after work just to slough off all that negative energy from the day. Keeps me sane.

      • Larry Vanzant

        I have a Wednesday night mountain ride that we do after work. In the winter when it's dark we put lights on our bikes and helmets. Wow what an experience. It like being on another planet.

        • Alessandra Rizzotti

          I want to take a night hike- or bike ride. I recently went on a walk during work to a local museum and it was such a nice mental break. I felt so stimulated afterwards!

  • Kimberly Campbell

    I walk when I get home from work. After sitting and staring at a computer all day my mind is burned out and I'm drained. But after a fast 30 minute walk with the trees and silly people to watch I'm ready for the other half of my day :)

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    i dig it. i think finding places to walk in nature adds to it as well. there's an interesting point on the that in Andrew Price's article about how humans are adapting to an increasingly urbanized world. Worth a read as it'll get your brain going. Aside from that, definitely going to try to prioritize walking more during my day. I also think it's important to not just physically remove yourself from the desk, but also to give your brain a break to find space as well.

  • Daniel Wichers

    In The Netherlands we have an activity called 'straatjutten', I guess the translation or better yet the equivalent is beach combing (but then on the streets). Look around for small things of value (to you) or give yourself a little mission for example: find 10 things that are yellow. Your brain immediately proceeds looking beyond just yellow things and you will generate ideas on the fly!

  • stephens.jim

    Another great idea that I started practicing was starting every morning with a walk, it then becomes part of my creative routine.

  • Dan Grech

    I couldn't agree more, I feel so much better after taking long walks around Central London on my lunch break.

  • Ayako Ezaki

    My partner and I have started a weekly creative-thinking walking meeting, and just had one this morning. It's a great time of the year in our part of the world to get out and enjoy walking, and we feel healthier, more productive, and hopefully more creative, and our dog (who comes along) is happy too, I think, so it's a win-win-win for us!

  • Evelyn Kim

    This action step reminds me of the second point in the article titled "18 Things Highly Creative People Do Differently" from the Huffington Post ( Today, I went to midtown Manhattan and walked around Penn Station, and I observed the social interactions, traffic, and the pace at which people were walking (like the HuffPost article mentions). Such observations are rich sources of inspiration that I draw upon when I craft journalistic pieces and spoken word poems.

    • Daniel Wichers

      That is just awesome. I guess for every person something like this will suit what they are actually looking for. Let's say if you're a designer looking for inspiration for a new package design, I guess looking around at what people throw away will get the process of creative thinking in motion.

    • Alessandra Rizzotti

      Ooo I'd love to see you post one of your poems or journalistic pieces inspired by your walks!