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Support a film about life with M.E., the most prevalent and devastating disease your doctor has never heard of

Jen Brea

November 22, 2013at 11:59 pm

Jennifer, a Harvard PhD student, was signing a check at a restaurant when she found she could not write her own name. Months before her wedding, she became progressively more ill, losing the ability even to sit in a wheelchair. Doctors insisted that her condition was psychosomatic rather than real.

As she dug deeper, she found she had become a part of a hidden world of millions suffering from an illness for which there is evidence dating back to at least the 1930s. The disease, myalgic encephalomyelitis, was re-branded in the 1980s by the CDC as 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,' a name which became both a punchline and a Rorschach: a wastebasket of undiagnosed conditions hiding a very real disease. Scientists at the country's top institutions have found evidence of profound metabolic, neurological, and immunological dysfunction in patients with M.E.. However, since the disease is not taught in medical schools, doctors don't know how to recognize it, denying healthcare to a millions.

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  • Daria Kudryavtseva

    You're awesome, beautiful, inspiring. Good luck, really! good luck, girls

  • Jo Langhelt

    i suffered with these type of symptoms for years - i have still some left over but soooo much better now: i have found some things which helped me a lot. I boil a tablespoon of coriander seeds 3 times a day and drink the water (boil in 1 cup of water for 10 mins then leave to steep before sieving). i use magnesium oil spray every night (this has helped a lot), i drink chyawanprash 3 times a day (can buy on amazon i think). I use frankincense essential oil rubbed over my body (whic had a huge impact) currently trialing out eating it too.
    ALSO, i did a day of taking bicarbonate of soda 3 1/2 teaspoons in water - this had an outstanding effect for that day. but beware - if you take toooo much there is a lot of sodium in it (i took it for its alkalizing ability). I cannot say which of these is responsible for me having the best energy levels in about 15 years - i now use them all. if i had to pick i would say magnesium oil for sure, frankincense, and bicarb (dont use bicarb if you have high blood pressure or on low sodium diet). - coriander seeds have a MASSIVE affect on your period if you have bad periods - take it 3 takes a day (the boiled water) and it will make them much lighter xx love and light to you all

    ps do NOT eat gluten and try to eradicate caffeine. goodluck all

  • Mel C

    I was diagnosed when I was in college by my childhood doctor. This was about 10 years ago. He had known me since I was a baby, and knew if I volunteered to go see him, something had to be wrong. I've only had 2 major episodes. They are brought on by immense stress. For me it feels like the day after someone has kicked my ass, while trying to fight off a diabetic coma. I feel empty, and like I can't get rested. Everything feels uncomfortable. (if that makes sense) I had to pull over and close my eyes, while driving to the doctor. It defines the feeling of "sick".

  • Alessandra Rizzotti

    My friend has chronic fatigue and they've been trying to figure out things that can help her- nothing works. Have you found anything that helps you? This project seems amazing.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    really awesome, Jen. Excited for all ahead with your effort. It's super inspiring.