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What Are Your Ups & Downs in Business?

Jess Lybeck


Running a business is difficult. But most of us face the ups & downs alone. Share your raw experience with entrepreneurship in the comments - the good, the bad, the ugly. There's a GOOD community here to support you.



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  • Josie55

    It's been 15 years since I turned the key to my small business. Looking back, I wish that I had a mentor that would have sat me down and MADE me do the following;
    1. Mission Statement
    2. Employee Handbook
    3. Training Manuals
    Even when you start with 1 employee, you must have these! These are the basis for what you want to achieve and what your expectations are for you employees.
    Knowledge is power! Constantly be learning SOMETHING!
    Appreciate those who are genuinely interested in their success, and don't waste to much energy on those who don't.

  • Michael Schroeder

    Ever had an idea that you thought was just too good to collect dust? I did. Looking back I've had many. After starting seven companies, you would think I've got it down pat. Not even close. I've made so many mistakes, I would not know where to begin. My latest venture started off as one of those ideas that tingles the nerves down your spine. I could not put it out of my mind. That was nine months ago. This past Tuesday I unveiled it to the world. In these posts, I will try to cover the ups & downs, the good, the bad, the ugly. Jess, thanks for the topic. Stay tuned.

  • Michael Schroeder

    New all around.. I'm new to and just started a new business, doing very new things, and making new friends in the process.
    Newbie question alert: If I've accepted a "To Do" like this one, how do I "Do it"? Just comment in this section or start a new post? If I start a new post it's not connected to this one.
    Thanks in advance, Michael

    • Jess Lybeck

      You can add your "do it" in the comments here so we can all follow along. Thanks!

  • Michael Espero

    the good: Realizing we were serving integrated preventative health services to several hundreds of people after only a few month of being open.

    the bad: Firing an employee because of a poor performance with the most potential to contribute to the company long-term because of pressure to act as a young leader.

    the ugly: Changing cities/offices within a big four accounting firm after being recruited for showing initiative and entrepreneurship. When I got to LA they told me, "This is not an entrepreneurial position. Stop talking to people."

  • Todd Jones

    Communicating expectations and inspiring people to deliver their best work have continuously been my greatest challenges. Sometimes running a business feels like you're conducting an orchestra on a boat in choppy waters.

  • John Wynn

    Jess, so awesome of you to post this "To Do." We are a small business going on 26 years of operation and we sometimes feel that there is no where to go for support in this difficult glad to have the opportunity to participate!

  • Rose Man

    I haven't seen anyone post to this yet but I have 4 key components I have failed at and tried at while trying some more. Still not where I'd like to be with them myself but I think anyone trying a start up will find these 4 things useful.

    -Marketing- I've learned however you do it 25 hours 8 days a week you need to be ready to market. Unless the world knows about your company be ready to tell the world about it.

    -Attitude- remain positive no matter what mountain you face, a successful anything runs on success, everything that has gone wrong in my case has only opened other doors and taught great lessons while looked at in a different light than a fail.

    -Time Management- don't run circles in the same direction and don't say you will if you won't. When you know you can't make an appointment it's poor time management if you don’t show up on time, that will hinder respect and even more valuable time. When I started planning ahead even for a month during my start up the planning has at times increased the company attention to never before seen levels.

    -Goals-, don't sit on the same one if you make it even during making it plan for what's next. I have stumbled upon even better plans in the midst of aiming at a planned goal. If I plan for it and see it then making it happen just comes naturally.

    There are many many many more errors and ways to do things wrong or right and please don't take my words too serious because financially my latest business has not reached a financial success yet but in my eyes through what the company goal is I feel it's been successful. The project-company-in the process charity is called Clothes 2 The Heart. Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram all can be searched with Clothes 2 The Heart but to flow what has happened is people donate clothing, I give the clothing to the working poor and houseless.

    Since October last year my goals, knowledge and expertise I would say has changed tremendously. Both have changed keeping the same direction but with a somewhat different more advanced kick. In one year though around 500 people have been helped with clothing thanks to around 100 people donating. From Cambridge Boston to Venice Beach California to Burlington Vermont from New Orleans Louisiana to Boulder Colorado to Santa Monica a ton of people have been helped.

    I talk about it very highly as a success but I've had a twenty dollar bill as my biggest donation. One reason I've moved around so much and helped so many places is because I have worked extremely hard in a areas with no financial donations than I've said screw this I'm going somewhere to try again.

    That traveling and not giving up but just trying a new area has taught me lessons in it self. Feel free to ask more if you'd like to know my emails clothes2theheart at yahoo dot com but it's late I need to get going.

    One last thing from working in chain corporations to small businesses I have observed a real attitude adjustment from small to large companies. The bigger more financial gaining seem to have a positive attitude enforcement type of thing going on, while smaller companies seem to cling to a negative outlook.

    Great luck to you and your company though!!!

    This has been my two cents about 4 key things I've learned that have helped me through the start up that in a way has failed but also in a way been successful.

    Keep it Clothes 2 The Heart and you'll be Gooooood

    Thank you for being what your name says.

  • normal

    Where do we do this? Here in the comments?

    • Jess Lybeck

      in the comments is perfect!

  • carmen.reis

    Remind yourself daily of why you started this journey, and let that sustain you during the ups and downs.

  • Michael Schroeder

    Great start. If there is one way to cut through the noise on this subject the GOOD community may be it!