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  • Ev3...

    I Love books!!!

  • Phil McQuillan

    God bless you all that can turn the pages!

    I totally understand what you mean about an actual book however – don't get me wrong.

    Incidentally, the greatest thing about e-books is how much easier it is for a small time author to get published... 100 times easier is probably not an exaggeration. No publisher would ever have published my 30 page tribute (to my Dad who died at age 98 two years ago), nor anything equivalent.

    My hopeful project is to put together a collection of other biographical tributes from other first time authors. There are loads of people that don't even realize they can do this. Was there someone that you loved, cherished, and think ought to be better remembered? Write 20 – 50 pages about their life and times and try your hand at electronic publishing. I can assure you it will be a very gratifying experience. Don't let your dearly departed suffer that terrible second death – anonymity!

    In case you want to see an example of what I'm talking about, I invite you to take a peek on Amazon. There you can Look Inside the book:

  • Diana Saxon

    I flat-out REFUSE to buy any kind of e-reader. That includes tablets that you can get e-books for. I was one of the customers who felt totally LOST when Borders closed (due in part to e-readers/e-books).

  • Tom Maybrier

    But remember that the printed book has an incredibly long life-span and there is a healthy re-sale market - you really do not need a brand new copy of anything unless you are a collector.

    Support your local used bookstore! And don't write in the books you may someday sell - you will hurt their value and annoy people like me =p

  • Terri Hammer

    DONE! Never read an e-book. I get and read a tremendous amount of stuff through emails. But, for me there is no comparison between reading electronically and reading an actual book you hold in your hands and turn each page. Libraries and bookstores are some of my favorite places in the world, and coffee shops where I take my books and read. Live, face to face conversations with people is another favorite of mine. I feel like they go together, good books, good conversations in person. What could be better? Oh, yeah, a good cup of coffee!
    Keeping it real and simple. That's the good life for me.

    • gaw_ernesto

      I share your views totally !

  • Arifah Rahaman-Aronson

    I've intentionally not read books digitally because so much of my daily life already includes looking and reading off the computer screen...and it's dis-connective from life. I love the energy I receive in turning a page and that has tremendous value that I don't want to give up. I do enjoy audio books especially when the author reads the book.

  • Audrey Bellis

    I'm totally in on this. I personally feel that I just don't absorb text the same way on a tablet as I do with an actual book. With a book it becomes about the experience and ritual. I can hold it in my hands, annotate the margins with my thiughts, highlight/underline passages.... it might not be as convenient, but its more meaningful for me. Although the upside of the e-books is the storage.

  • mahva.jones

    I read both because I don't always remember to carry a book with me. I am re-learning to have a life with less screen time, which is a bit tough because I'm a total technogeek. I build computers from scratch and get on the computer when I get home from work (which is spent on a computer). I do not wish for actual books to go away, so we've got library cards for two different counties and use both regularly. We buy physical books, as well. If ever there were an apocalypse, real books would be what we'd have, so better love them now.

  • Shamoon

    In the interest of self promotion, I recommend that you read my blog, regularly. I'd always appreciate feedback however.

  • Courtney Pankrat

    I do like books over e-books but my problem these days is to read SOMETHING. I can't believe how little I read these days- other than online articles and tweets. I'm going to the library right after work tonight to pick up some reading material that is longer than 3 pages!

    • Shamoon

      You're right. Reading online is better than not reading. But reading offline is even better than that.

    • dity

      I concur! Making time to read is so difficult. I read both formats and enjoy them but the comfort of curling up under the covers with a good book and a cup of hot tea or cocoa cannot be duplicated.