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Introducing: Stories on GOOD

Since launched as a community, we've heard one request consistently from you: "Do more with Do!"

As creative changemakers, you want more ways to share what you do, find recommended Dos from likeminded people, and inspire others to help move the world forward. As of today, you can do just that with Stories on GOOD.

Once a Do is posted, everyone can add a Story. You can also add multiple Stories to a single Do. For example, if your Do is "Bike to work once a week," you can share how your ride went each week! You can comment on each story and share it with your social networks. Or, share the whole Do, with all the stories added so far.

Also new today are some changes to your For You feed, and a new posting form when you add a Do.

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  • THE infogatherer


    I am amazed at the amount of brave people in the world that are champions for erasing poverty or fighting for the needy or helping people with disabilities and so much more causes. We respect the wonders of Nature and this is fair enough because of it beauty or variety but it is not for the faint hearted: nature does not have mercy. If you are too young, too weak, unprepared or injured, you will go down in the dust. So, it is no wonder that I do admire what make the Human race an amazing race, potential wise, because of its unique traits, when shown: compassion, love, charity, positive music, smiles.

    When I reached the USA for the second time after having spent a few years in the UK, I already was tested to shed what was left of my ego to become stronger. I trained hard, I shed tears, I dealt with pain: I got to my bare Human matrix and decided to emerge as an even bettered Father, Husband, Human being, by adding on it all compassion, charity and communication/orating/problem solving skills within a diplomatic way. In 2005, in Southern California, I did rise like a Phoenix again. I decided, on top of having helped quite some charities with different gestures from being a member to donating some change, to create a service offering people more than hope and for free, via the internet in order to reach needy people all over. was born. It is now called THE infogatherer as since then, interestingly, some people used infogatherer as a blog name or for some others a tech service for example. I had to remind the world that my free service is unique. I do not make money from the people I help or the ones I do promote. Why? Because, God (not in a religious way, but spiritual one) is my boss and like a Super Hero, I must help for free.

    So, for nine years now, I have assisted many from people living in a car to known personalities in a high field, to have a free shot at their dream! All that within about 5 days from asking me their wish and all sent back in a huge e mail: with personalized links, contacts, holistic tips and mentoring, as well as advice on how to progress. All sprinkled with my high intuition in it. For some others tough, they use the site to have a simple positive pick you up moment by browsing it. it is like a known Zen place, simple and familiar.

    Not being an organization, a charity, a minority group or impaired in any way make me unique as I do not, so far, get funded or helped. I offer this gratuitous service with folks in the USA, the British Isles, Canada, Oceania even. Sure, it is sometimes lonely, but what a ride! The testimonials I got back are so amazing. I am blessed.

    Anyhow, my 2 cents? My service motto: There is no charge for hope, be it by helping people to reach their destiny or to feel loved/cared for. People should be allowed to have a free shot at their dream (how to realize it that is with a compassionate plan and message).

    Respect to all people on Good it for real? So excited to be part of it!

  • Meera Vijayann

    For the past few years, I have written extensively on gender rights and sexual violence in India. Since I believed in the power of personal stories, I recorded my own experiences in India to bring my own reality, as a young Indian woman, to a global community. I reported primarily on citizen journalism platforms such as CNN ireport, CNN IBN's Citizen Journalist platform and Guardian Witness. Looking back, I realise how much things have changed since the Delhi gang rape in 2012, where a young girl was brutally raped in a moving bus in South Delhi. This was the first incident that brought thousands out to the streets in India. Since then, I have worked relentlessly to write more about this issue as women's rights are often overlooked by the mainstream media.

    Recently, I was invited to present at the TEDx Houses of Parliament and I talked about my work in India. I talked about the challenges that many Indian women like me face in talking about sexual violence. I was astounded by the response. Several women came forward after the talk, and told me about how they've stayed silent despite having faced harassment or witnessing abuse. One woman, cried as she recounted the painful memories of witnessing her friend being sexually abused by a prominent spiritual teacher. I have taken it upon myself to ensure that these people are given a voice through my journalism. What I am most proud about is the fact that so many young person seemed to feel less ashamed about speaking up about their stories. That, to me, is a victory.

    Watch the video of my talk on "Finding a voice against sexual violence" at TEDx HoP:

  • Jelena Woehr

    The first Story I posted was on the new version of my popular Do, "Take a Photo Walk." I'm so excited to see how many of you wanted to try photo walking or share how you're already doing it. My photo walks are such a peaceful and treasured part of my day. I'm loving the photos you've already shared from your walks, and I look forward to seeing even more posted now that Stories are available on GOOD.

    Here's my first Story:


    I created the first Story from GOOD HQ!

    Give it a try: Click in the green-bordered "Add Your Story" field at the top of any Do. Share how you accomplished it, with some text and up to three images.

    Feel free to use this Do to give Stories a whirl. Or, jump right in with any new Do post on GOOD.

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    We're all so excited to see what you're doing in the world. Can't wait to read your Stories of creative changemaking!