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Measure Your Carbon Footprint

Adele Peters

Almost everything you do impacts your carbon footprint, from what you eat for breakfast to where you go on vacation. So which things matter most? Use this handy calculator from the Nature Conservancy to figure out what you're doing well and what you can improve. It's one step in fighting climate change and being a good, global, citizen.

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  • landers

    I just used

    Footprint for my home, vehicle and lifestyle get marks I'm happy with, but I ruin it by the number of flights I've taken. Flying is my biggest contributor by far, and it by itself outweighs the sum of all other activities.

  • Nadia Boctor

    Wow this is really cool, I've never tried to calculate and it gives the option to offset by buying carbon trades.

  • Deanna Coleman

    Unfortunately I live in an apartment that we're renting from our roommate and not the actual landlord so there's even slightly less we're willing to do since it's really /really/ not our own place. On the plus side being car-free, recycling, composting, and a vegan diet puts us much closer to the actual world's average score rather than the typical american. Cheers!

    • Adele Peters

      Being car-free and vegan makes a huge difference. It's true as a renter you can't do everything a homeowner could, but you're also probably living in a smaller space, automatically helping save some energy. Congrats on the low score. :)

  • MrChris

    We are being misled with regard to the use of the phrase "Carbon Footprint".
    For example, there is a major push for home owners to install solar panels.
    The propaganda is that it is more economical and will reduce our carbon footprint.
    The truth is that the men pushing this do not tell you that the processes and fuels
    to produce this equipment is not included in the numbers related
    to the alleged overall benefit to us. To process to manufacture Solar energy equipment is far more detrimental in relationship to our carbon footprint then it could current be. The phrase "Carbon Footprint" is an industry of corporations that is being controlled by our politicians for their own financial gain then for us...the people who employ them.

  • Daniel Schuldt

    Since I work from home, can't really do much with the home heating, which is huge. This was an eye opener for me, thought it would have been lower.

  • Ian Monroe

    Perhaps the best personal carbon calculators out there is UC Berkeley's CoolClimate Network: There's also, a very cool app that automatically tracks your carbon footprint (among other things) based on how you spend and invest your money. The team is adding social gaming, competition and rewards elements as well, similar to what Opower and RecycleBank do for home energy and recycling.

    • Natalie Houston

      It says Oroeco is in private beta, can you get me an invite? I'm really interested!

  • DaughteroftheMoon111

    If I lived in town, my total CO2 would have been 8. Living out of town, it's 19. All in the driving., Hate it. Wish I could move. Stuck (for now).

  • Christine DiGangi

    Oh man. We did really well in everything except home energy. I guess that's what happens when you rent, but I wish I could get my landlord to improve those areas. Any tips on persuading your landlord to improve energy efficiency?

  • bluefoca

    I believe only we can "offset" our own footprints. Paying off our greenhouse gas emissions isn't helping us live differently on the planet. We need to learn how to emit "clean" energy not the dirty kind that is causing our planet to suffer. If each of us made the effort to just change how we live on our level, the rest of the world would follow suit. If the population on Earth used their energy toward global compassion, enriched learning/teaching, and spiritual/physical health and well-being, maybe the negative energies that spore pollution would cease.

  • Diana Ahrens

    wow - disappointed to see that i'm totally average...would have guessed i'd be doing better than that. air travel contributes a majority. the comparison to the world avg (1/5 of mine) is striking.

    • Carolyn Sams

      Yeah! Surprised (and sad) that I'm higher than average... I need to go on a carbon footprint diet.