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Imagine Our Collective Future: Tell Us Your Wish

Lance Weiler

How do we make the world work for 100 percent of humanity? Tell us your wish for the future by following the link above, commenting below, or via Twitter using the hashtag #W4TF. Next month, we'll ask people to grant these wishes. By 2014, we'll bury all your wishes in a time-capsule that will communicate back to users every five years. And we'll mail 25 members who shared their wishes a limited-edition wish card. What's your vision for our collective future?

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  • lauraege

    I wish for everyone to have easy access to water (not dirty water that will most likely kill its drinker, so in other only water some rich dude would drink). You not may not realize it but a lot of people have to walk ten or so miles a day to get water that's sure to make them sick. Oh, and I also want more bacon.

  • Simona Marie Asinovski

    I wish for everyone, including women, to feel that they are born to enjoy the world, to self-actualize and experience beauty

  • Saachi Shah

    I wish for the inequality gap between men and women to decrease. Gender should not define perception.

  • Ryan Emery

    I wish for accountability; knowing and taking responsibility for the way we consume and use the natural and social (capital) resources we have, especially those in limited supply. The Awareness to stop degrading trends. The expansion of opportunity, a world-wide free market, where goods and services are priced according to their true cost and worth to a community.

  • Richard94611

    I would like to see a 20-hour work week become the norm so that people could follow their creative impulses -- or for that matter whatever impulses they might choose to follow.

  • Sudhir Raghupathy

    My wish for the future is what I hope most good people strive for: greater levels of peace, compassionate and effective servitude at all levels / in all places, and a continuously growing wellspring of innovation that ensures a sustainable future. Yet key ideas and visions as well as the means to get there need to inspire us. One of mine:

  • Alexandra Brower

    #W4TF is to have sustainable, healthy communities, neighborhoods and eco-cities.

  • lorene.dodd

    I wish for all humans to realize that food, race, money, family, love, religion, sex, ethnicity, and knowledge are all connected and important.

  • Sarah Salpeter

    My wish is that we think about how our actions, thoughts and words impact the world. Every time we look at the good in someone vs. judging them, every time we want to say something negative about another and choose to say something positive - this adds to the critical mass of energy that creates unity amongst families and nations.

  • Joe Chisholm

    i wish to follow the conscious and mindful path

  • Aisis

    I wish away labels that substitute ignorance and wish a sustainable environment that does not sacrifice anyone's happiness. I wish we don't have to fight for human rights.

  • Juan Corredor

    I wish for a huge development in sustainable energy. I believe is something this generation should be commited to. It will change the way we live and eventually the way we think about everything else, our enviroment and more. It might be hard to achieve to a point in wich energy can be cheap and affordable for most of people, but is somehting that needs to be taken care of in order to survive and evolve.

  • teleny

    I hope for the end of apocalyptic culture, on both sides of the aisle.

    From the Right, we have a never-ending litany of "End Time" signs, signals, and prophecies focusing narrowly on imagined catastrophes and doomsday scenarios and utterly neglecting the vision of the New Jerusalem. Why they don't realize that if that were so, no amount of legislation against gay marriage or evolution would make a shred of difference, nor would the New World likely look like anything that they'd imagine as being "good" (somehow I doubt that Paradise would have Wall Street, SUVs or assault rifles).

    From the Left, we have ecological apocalypse, which took over from the nuclear kind nearly the second we walked on the Moon. No one who's tried to sell an ecotopia has ever done so in a reasonable fashion: everything always seems to rest on some kind of fairy-tale "consciousness" that instantly tells people what the consequences of their actions are going to be, or submission to a tribal hive mind, or living in a tightly-knit agrarian family group where every bit of creativity or innovation is stifled in favor of "sustainability".

    "But it's going to happen!" cry both sides. "Can't you see the signs? Don't you understand?"

    I understand a few things: Not everything is going to get better at the same time, but we've done a pretty good job so far. (Yes, we have.) Living in fear and discord is making things a lot worse than doing nothing. (The Connecticut shooter comes to mind -- he may have been actually trying to "deliver" those kids from what he believed firmly was going to be Hell on Earth.) Having hope and love and kindness will make things a lot better. Yes, we've got a future, and I believe it to be a good one (certainly, the famines of the 1980's I read about in the 1970's never showed up). So be of good cheer, and smile!

  • sastri

    let us arrange one way - tickets to everybody on this pale blue dot to pluto for a change from fiscal cliff ! < O >

  • Ariana Friedlander

    For me everything is about community. And I see so many things happening that indicate we need to unify, come together and work collectively to address the challenges we face. There are so many indicators of how that's not happening, our national political system in the US is only one case-in-point.

    But it's not all bad. There are examples of effective collaboration, constructive conversations and creative community efforts. I want to see more of what's good here. More people letting go of their positions to instead embrace the values that guide them (starts with knowing your values). People coming together in a place of mutual understanding, sharing, co-creating, and evolving together. And accepting the inherent complexity of the situations we face.

    These are new habits we need to learn - as what's ingrained thru school and society does not support this notion that community, co-creation and working together allows us to reach our full potential!

  • graceadams830

    Global Thermostat captures carbon in CO2 for $25/ton of carbon in 3 2/3 tons of CO2. CO2 can be stored as hydraulic fluid in Enhanced Geothermal Systems for about $8/ton of CO2 also providing base load power for six years--need another set of hot rock reservoirs under current set every six years all filled with CO2 until first set reheats enough to reuse.(about a century.) Or grow algae in municipal waste water plus CO2 and roast algae to produce bio-char soil amendment and fertilizer and water for irrigation as by products.

  • Catharine L.

    To revolutionize school so it is less restricting and accomplishes better what it's supposed to- educating the next generation so they can function in society- rather than focusing on gaining government funding.

      • Catharine L.

        This is interesting to me, and I agree with many of your ideas... but I believe that the issue lies not in the idea of a traditional classroom but in the incentive locking the traditional classroom in place, starting with, at the most basic level, requiring state test scores as a way to measure progress.

        • Ariana Friedlander

          I hear what you're saying Catherine. From my perspective, I see our beliefs about what education is, what it actually looks like, are the reasons why there's an emphasis placed on testing. It is a classic systems problem due to limiting beliefs or mental models.
          While most people understand on some level that our education system is antiquated we have no shared vision, or mutual understanding of what we're working towards. I believe that until the fundamental principles of what education is change that everything else is just a band-aide to temporarily reduce the symptoms.
          I definitely don't have the answers but I do want to encourage the conversation and challenge the norm as it now stands!

  • Ms. Realitycheck

    I'm very excited to see this going on, and wish and hope to see all the tools that I need be presented to me as I need them

  • Victoria Soroczynski

    My environmental wish for Cape Town: A farm of wind turbines; a plethora of roof top gardens; the use of more solar panels; affordable electric cars and general earthly goodness.

  • Evie Plumb

    We should have an international vegetarian day or week, we'd save so much energy and food waste!

  • storytellerkp

    Continue to connect cultures, build bridges between and see the positive in one to another through story; to hold compassion for Both sides in any difficult issue and to work together to re-imagine stories for satisfying conclusions for all involved. To continue to expand my volunteer literacy/storytelling project throughout the world valuing and utilizing indigenous cultural stories in classrooms and communities to foster better understanding. And Releasing our Inner Superheroes! Sharing stories of connecting one to another. Much work to be done. It is Possible! Thank you. HUG, Kristin Pedemonti

  • Aisis

    Thank you for posting this... It's definitely a positive affirmation. I feel that with a user experience focus... it might be easier for supporters to come out without being identified especially in a grass root community in Hawaii.

  • susieand2b_s

    Truly teach all children the connection of mind~body~spirit so that they may go and develop their society with goodness in mind, not greediness or even accumulitativeness.