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Celebrate Neighborday on April 27



It’s crazy how few of us know our neighbors: their names, their phone numbers, what they’re about. The explosion of online "social" networking has only made it easier to avoid face-to-face contact in the real world. What might we be missing? Collaborators, friends, emergency contacts, sugar? What does this mean for society? As Harvey Milk said, "If we wish to rebuild our cities, we must first rebuild our neighborhoods." So, let's do something about it. On April 27, we invite you to celebrate Neighborday. Whether it's as simple as summoning the courage to ask the guy in apartment 3B what is name is…again, or as ambitious as coordinating a full-fledged block party replete with a mariachi band, bouncy castle, and street hockey tournament… Click "DO IT," and we'll give you everything you need to make it happen. For more Neighboring inspiration, follow along at

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  • CommunityMatters

    We're curious! Any plans in the works for Neighborday 2014?

    • Ben Goldhirsh

      yes. my block is getting fired up.

      • CommunityMatters

        Wonderful! Thanks for the response, we're happy to hear it!

  • kriss_techbridge

    Help me save children from child labour ...

    Hi all,

    I am Shashank Saurav. Currently living in Bangalore, India. I am extremely passionate about social issues and constantly raise my voice through (U.K.'s largest Citizen Journalism Blog) and Make a Difference Foundation as a Volunteer . I support causes like child labour ,Violence against Women, Human trafficking through my articles in India and in International Media and through my NGO activities .

    Poverty is a huge problem in India as more than half of the Population still lives under Poverty line which is 1 $ per day . This has lead to Child labour in India at alarming rates . Please support my cause .

  • Stacey Wilson

    We celebrate May Day which is May 1 with an old tradition of making homemade (constuction paper) "baskets" and sticking in a couple of stems of flowers and a note that says Happy May Day! and sign it with love from your neighbor. We live on a cul de sac with 14 houses, and everyone is so appreciative of the small gesture. It's nice to make them smile!

  • mkbachmeyer

    met lots of neighbors on the street we just moved to, feeling so good about next year's neighborday!

  • Emilio Smeke

    We did it!!! It was awesome!

  • Nisha Vida

    We had a blast yesterday in South LA!

  • Hillary Newman

    So excited to celebrate Neighborday tomorrow! If you haven't already, we'd love to hear how you're celebrating. Share with us in the comments or email us at

  • CeOtt

    Howdy-do. We're celebrating in the Freeland Edition, Houston, Texas. WHOOP!

  • lalaout

    excited to be taking part with coffee shops along abbot kinney here in venice!

    • Melissa MZ.

      What are the coffee shops doing? I live in the area.

      • lalaout

        i saw abbots habit and zinque plus other AK shops are hosting communal coffee events. i think it's outside communal seating. there was a flyer in abbots habit. :) maybe see you there!

        • Melissa MZ.

          Great, thanks! I'm definitely going to try to make it :)

  • ksafrit

    I love this. Last year I randomly passed out 10 invitations to neighbors on my street for an afternoon New Year's eve open house. Three neighbors I had never seen or met stopped by (along with some that I already had befriended ; ). I tried to do it this past new years, but never completed the process. I wish I were around this Saturday to make something happen again. I'm going to see what I can do for Flower Ave. in Venice, CA!...maybe an after-my-return-from-ventura night cap?!

  • Lini

    This was just the excuse I needed to do what I have been wanting to do for a long while! I made up my own flyers for a meet-the-neighbors potluck brunch and knocked on doors to hand deliver them.That way I made an introduction even if they can't make it Saturday. Thanks!

  • Barrett McBride

    Lots of great projects here!
    We are featuring local Neighborday events in our newsletter. If you are in Seattle and want your event added send me a note,

  • laura.mclean.750

    The River Project and the Water LA Team will be hosting a Neighbor Day party in our current project neighborhood. We'll have kids making water cycle bracelets, free shade trees from the city, food and drink and a few giveaways.

  • LAPhares

    Spring Clean-Up

    Saturday-April 27th 10am
    We’ll meet at Greenwood Park and go out in teams to make our neighborhood beautiful.
    Bags and gloves provided. St. Ignatius High School will have a dumpster on West 30th Street between Lorain and Chatham for larger items.

    Then, a big batch of fun to celebrate spring and the planned improvements to Greenwood Park!

    Picnic in Greenwood Park Saturday, April 27, 2013
    Noon to 1:30

    We’ll have free hot dogs, games, the St. Ignatius Jugglers, arts & crafts and live music by Lee Chilcote. All we need is you!

    Sponsored by the Fulton-Lorain-Bailey Block Club and Friends of Greenwood Park

  • dmb0417

    Love this idea! A little concerned about the date (just because I have other plans that day), but I'd love to learn more and perhaps integrate it into life afterwards.

  • jessetjenkins

    So, what should I do? knock on people's doors and say "hello, I'm Jesse, your next door neighbor, what's your name? haha, fun times.

    • Stephanie Speights

      Yes, that is exactly what you should do. It can be nerve racking when you are first trying to muster up the courage, but afterwards you are going to be high on life from all the connections and excitement your neighbors will have. I've learned that everyone wants to connect, but are hesitant and worry what people will think of them, or they just don't have the time. You are being in service to them, yourself and your community by making the first move. Have fun, I know you will.

    • Hannah Wasserman

      Yep! Pretty much :) Maybe bring some cookies over or invite them to come have some beers at your place.

  • Bradley Urso

    having a bum week and seeing that 1414 other folks are in on this just got me so stoked and turned that frown upside down, like this =)

  • Danny Garcia

    Santa Theresa neighborhood of San Jose is in!

  • Angrias

    I've emailed my apartment complex to see if they'll authorize us to use a community space or donate some ice cream for an Ice Cream Social. The only concern I have is there is already a National Neighborhood Day: - that is in September.

  • Renee Coulombe

    My husband and I are just "those people" who are always saying hello and chatting up our neighbors - but that's just on my street! I'm thinking about how my community of Escondido, CA can come together - there are so many gaps in neighborhoods in terms of diversity, public spaces for gathering, even safety. I want to be one of "those people" for all my neighbors. I'm excited to see what everyone else is planning, and taking responsibility for doing something here when the inspiration strikes!! :)

  • Lindsay Shig

    This is the same day as National Rebuilding Day!

    Every year on the last Saturday in April since 1979 local affiliates of Rebuilding Together affiliates around the country have been organizing volunteers to go into their communities and conduct FREE critical home repairs for their low-income neighbors who are elderly, disabled, families with children or veterans!

    There are 200 Rebuilding Together Affiliates across the country. If any of you are interested in helping your neighbors and community by keeping people safe and healthy in their homes find a Rebuilding Together affiliate in your area. Preserve affordable housing and revitalize communities by keeping people in their homes!

  • nagybet

    Cincinnati is in

  • Dave Mathews

    i think this is really important. it's so easy to disengage the real physical, emotional experience of having community. i'm totally in!

    • Hannah Wasserman

      It's easy! Just click to-do and I'll email you with more info. We'll be doing a ton of how-tos to give you ideas and tips.

  • Rebekah Fox

    We bought our home last fall and I invited 20 neighbors. 4 came. Hoping that I will have more success this time :)

    • Dave Mathews

      encouraging community is tough. keep it up :)

  • Carli Feinstein

    Excited to be a part of this initiative! how can we access the tool kit?

    • Hannah Wasserman

      Hey there! When you click to-do, we'll start emailing you with weekly additions to the toolkit. :)

  • Querencia Green

    In Albuquerque, we encourage neighborhood connections that create green projects, building resilience and social relationships. It's great to be part of Neighborday. View the post on our poll at

  • Lori V.K.

    If I have a neighbourhood on April 27, I'm totally in.

  • Youve Got Funds

    Great Idea. We're in!--You've Got Funds

  • cecile andrews

    As I say in my book, Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, and the Common Good, we should go through our day looking for "stop and chats" as Larry David of Curb Your Enthusiasm called them. (Of course his goal is to avoid such things!) How exciting to have cities designed to encourage them.)

  • Trishsch

    I work for Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas, and (coincidentally) we are having a build day for our Youth United program! Can't think of a better way to celebrate being neighborly than building a house for someone in need! :)

  • D Thompson

    How do we get resources/contacted by the folks at GOOD? I clicked the "To Do"...are we just waiting on an email now?

    • Hannah Wasserman

      Cool project! So glad to hear you all are on the neighboring train

  • Jamaine Cripe

    I'm hosting a wine tasting at my house! If I can arrange for a few local teens, I'll even get the kids over in the upstairs while their folks enjoy some adult-time downstairs. Should be fun!

  • chicagomelinda

    We just moved to a small farming community in Michigan. The neighbors were extremely friendly -- coming by to drop off food -- when we moved in, but we haven't seen them in the year since. Neighborday is a GREAT vehicle for us. We're now planning an open house to celebrate Neighborday. Is there a downloadable logo that we could use for our invite? That would be super -- your logo is so inviting. :-)

    • Tyler Hoehne

      Hey there. I work over here at GOOD on the team that made logo. Needless to say we're thrilled you like it. We are making some fun invite stuff to send to people who signed up to host. You should be getting an email soon with more details.

      • chicagomelinda

        Hey, Tyler! Thanks for writing! Your illustrations are AMAZING!!! Thanks so much!

  • Gil Lopez

    I staff the compost collection at two Queens Library branches in NYC every saturday and lots of neighbors end up meeting each other there. I'm thinking of ways I can increase social interactions and get people to linger and meet more people in their nabe. I bet just putting up a sign and proclaiming it "Neighborday" will do the trick for a lot of folks. Especially if t is a nice day out.

    • Kathleen Bailey

      I love it! I am a children;s librarian in Toronto.

  • Maryrose

    I absolutely love this idea/campaign! I have lived in my neighborhood for almost 6 years and have met but one and they moved away last year. It's amazing how we don't take a moment to see the people closest to could change the dynamics of the community if we would.

    I'm going to figure out a way to promote a neighborhood potluck and put invites in the mailbox of a few neighbors to start. Will keep you posted on my progress with that and if I can make it happen; the results.

    Thanks for inspiring me to #dogood! :D

  • Jewel McKeon

    Thank you. We have been discussing when to have our next neighborhood party to reconnect everyone, new and old. Our neighborhood has a new community park which is being dedicated to one of our residence for her contribution to our city. This is a perfect time to honor her, the park and our neighborhood. Jewel

  • Mia Ali

    Perfect timing - I've just moved into a new street. My sister does this a lot - she reckons that about 50% of the people you invite will come, so don't be afraid to invite the whole street! A Sunday afternoon is perfect - people with kids can bring them along. She usually makes some simple cakes, gets some wine in and puts on the kettle. It doesn't have to cost a lot or take too much of your time up :)

  • Jack

    I wouldn't mind doing this, except I'm not a people person and I don't enjoy talking to people I don't know that much.

  • Peter Smith

    how is this different than the real National Neighbor Day that happens in September?

    • Jack

      Well for one, I hope it will be warming.
      Maybe they didn't know there was a national day already?

  • Nimisha Ambati

    I've hosted community dinners at local shops with neighbors and local farmers in attendance for my previous startup. I am curious about this and would love to learn more about how this potluck should be done and what are the "rules". Are we hosting in our apartment/house? How many neighbors?

    • Hannah Wasserman

      There are no rules! As long as you are getting together with your neighbors, you can celebrate Neighborday in how you'd like :) It can be small or large. If you click to-do, we'll be emailing with more tips and tricks.

  • matthewcmanley

    It was great to find this after returning home from a Sans Souci community meeting I helped organized tonight. The residents of our old neighborhood are working together to formalize our association and strengthen our community!! Sans Souci = Without Worries!!

  • kimfrankelzgmail

    I love this. Can't wait to start planning an event!

  • TreePeople

    We'll celebrate April 27 by helping to green the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Our wonderful Citizen Forester Gabrielle Newmark, winner of a GOODMaker Challenge, will lead a team to plant trees. (Pssst, ask us how you can become a Citizen Forester, too!)

  • Lily Torres Llitera

    I clicked DO IT! I also clicked another link on the post for the 'Manifesto', it says in the end, 'Click here to say you'll DO IT'. Well I did and I don't think anything happened. Am I supposed to get a private message asking me for my name and address so I can receive materials in the ail, a 'Kit' perhaps with some goodies to start my party panning. Where can I get banners, posters or even access to PDF's or online printables to begin creating and planning for my Block Party NEIGHBORDAY event? .

    • Hannah Wasserman

      I love your enthusiasm! There's more information coming your way tomorrow :)

  • Kara Bartelt

    Great idea! I recently started a neighborhood group on )(start your own via this link and it's been an amazing way to begin an online social group for those around me. I'll be proposing a meet-up on our site. NextDoor sent out postcards for free to get neighbors online. We've used it for getting recommendations for plumbers, to gripe about our internet provider and to give away free items so far. Very cool.

  • paula.silva8

    In my neighborhood it has become a joke to go for a "short walk" the whole time you are bumping into neighbors, the next thing you know your back 2 hours later or your making plans for's the best!!

  • Teri Ciacchi

    This totally works for me as I am taking an Earth Leadership course about how to be an Agent of Change here in Portland and my project is to create a neighborhood friendly permaculture project on the acre of land I am renting. We call it Oxytocin Acre and want to have the neighbors join in creating an organic garden and other placemaking community oriented things here. Teri Ciacchi of Living Love Revolution ( and

  • kellimeador

    This is a great idea! Love it!

  • Cody Page

    We need this in the anti-social apartment complexes of LA! Neighbor Day is an excellent idea--hatching some plans this very minute...

    • Peter Smith

      Replace 'LA' with 'every big city in America'

      • Joshua Ames

        Every medium size city too.

    • TreePeople

      Hear, hear, Cody! Post your plan so we can follow along. Naturally, we think the best way to get to know your neighbors is by organizing a tree planting day (!), but you can also tap the resources of your neighborhood council and find out whether there's a group from the local Transition movement where you live. Getting apartment dwellers -- as well as the owners of multi-unit buildings, not to mention the management companies -- to invest in where they live is a challenge. One of our Citizen Arborists is a renter and has mobilized folks in apartments in his Sherman Oaks street to start building community. Every day should be Neighborday.

  • MelissaRTO

    Rebuilding Together Orlando, a 501c3 nonprofit ( has the PERFECT project to help your neighbors on April 27!

    National Rebuilding Day is a national program in which over 200 Rebuilding Together affiliates across the nation participates. On Saturday, April 27 Rebuilding Together Orlando (RTO) will join in National Rebuilding Day and address the homes of numerous residents all over Central Florida, among them veterans, low income families, and senior citizens.

    Hundreds of volunteers are expected to turn out for National Rebuilding Day 2013. Volunteers will join thousands of like-minded citizens nationwide to address the needs of hundreds of homeowners across the states. For National Rebuilding Day 2012, RTO worked on 12 homes and 1 community center in Central Florida.

    Please register for the upcoming National Rebuilding Day projects. We look forward to having you join us to provide critical repairs and updates to homes and help revitalize a community.

    Event Details: Date: April 27, 2013 Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
    Location: Eatonville, FL - Main worksites on Ruffel St, Eatonville, FL

    You can volunteer as an individual:, or as a group:

    Please contact Rebuilding Together Orlando for more:
    608 792 6720

  • Heather Newcomer

    My neighbors and I did a progressive dinner party around the holidays and were planning to do another soon so I'm trying to get everyone on board for this day. For those who don't know, a progressive dinner party is where you start at one person's house for a course and then move to another's for the next course. We had 5 people's condos host and we did: meet/drinks, appetizers, salad or soup, entree, dessert. Everyone had so much fun!

  • adamspect

    Very excited to see this day in motion!!

  • Christianzhao

    So great to join in the activity!

  • Craig Shapiro

    This is awesome! I can't wait.

  • wendy flower

    come on!justin Jia, you are sure to win!

  • cynthia Jia

    amazing and excited to see Justin Jia here.

  • Yen Tran

    GOOD idea <3

  • Nicoa Dunne

    Awesome idea - we are all about community! Thanks for the idea! You might consider a collaboration with Nextdoor - they are a social network for neighborhoods!

    • Diana Ahrens

      Yes - they're going to be involved! Keep the ideas coming...

  • Doris Yee

    I'm going to be on a 13-hour flight this day, and possibly with people who aren't that fluent in English. Any ideas from the good community?

    I have a draw-and-fold game in mind, that I could slip into the pouches of seats that neighbor mine. Another suggestion was given compliment cards for the seats too.

    Language could be a barrier so lets get creative.

    • Jen Chiou

      what language/culture will your airplane neighbors likely be from?

    • Ben Goldhirsh

      I think you should do a pay it forward drink game mixed with battleship. i.e. please bring a rum and coke to seat 26E with a card that showed your seat. and left a blank for the next seat to get filled it.

  • Max Schorr

    Looking forward to doing this in my neighborhood and seeing all the neighborhoods that also bring this to life.

    • Doris Yee

      Are you going to organize something at the Zen Center?

  • Justin Jia

    I'm the fastest in Product! Haha~

    • victoria1325

      there? finally, i found you.Haha. i'm YuFei, working with your mom, still remember me?

    • cynthia Jia

      Go, Go, For it.You will surely make it!

    • cynthia Jia

      You must be, since you are the smartest and also a very good mother here.