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Help tell the story of a medical marijuana grower facing 80+ years in federal prison

Rebecca Richman Cohen

Chris Williams is a medical marijuana grower now facing a lifetime in federal prison, despite his efforts to comply with Montana's marijuana laws. I'm making a film about the battles over medical marijuana in Montana and raising money on Kickstarter to bring Chris' story to communities across America. By making a pledge, you help support independent filmmaking and build a movement to fight for drug policy reform. As more states vote to legalize, this story is more important than ever. Thanks!

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  • Vast Shadow

    If they went to prison... For the maximum. There is a few things Ol Goodinc is missing.

    A: They did not work for the Federal government.
    B: They were not a part of the FDA charter that studies and perscribes the medical weed.
    C: The farmer was soliciting the weed to an outside party. That is actually a federal crime punishable at FULL, MAXIMUM PENALTY of law. It is also a threat to security.

    Those three things, would put ol farmer John in prison for breaking contract with the government. You do not jack with the Government. I don't see why a fool would, but maybe he just wasn't getting paid enough or just wanted to be a lil vigilante. Its a sweet setup... You just basically sit there on a farm, Government pays for everything. You just make sure the product is maintained. Let Scientist on and off the farm.
    If you break contract or rules... Depending on what you did wrong, they can put full penalty on the person.
    My guess is, he was salen it on the side. It is a threat to national security, as its a genetic research and holds USA agriculture methods.

    The Federal Government doesn't just penalize anyone without reason. If it was a Federal farm... That dude you all protesten for, did something he should have not.

    • Vast Shadow

      Don't get me wrong... But I have no problems with weed. But if that guy is under federal prosecution... He did something he wasn't suppose to. The reason no one knows what he did wrong, possibly he told the court to not release any information of it.

      The Federal prosecutors do not release information... As they can be sued over it.

      I'm all for weed, its not addictive -- it is safer than tobacco. It has less side effects then most prescription medications. It is not as dangerous as alcohol.

      It could create jobs. It has many uses; Clothing, rope, micrfibers, other research values.
      It could be taxed, federally regulated. It would relief police and federal funding, by not having to put man-hours into investigating weed.
      It would get people under those misdermeanors charges out of jail.
      It could reside inside foreign trade policy, LEGALLY. Mexico could trade the product.

      It wouldn't get that guy off any charges though, actually if he was selling it behind the government's back... That resides under other penalties.

      There is many positives of weed.... However, while you got these people putting money to rule it... You have TOBACCO CORPORATIONS putting money to suspend the court hearings.
      Its a game of who has the most money. Who ever gives the most money to put the court in hearing gets it regulated.
      The court doesn't have to say Marlboro is paying to keep that trial suspended. Marlboro could be telling the court not to publicly announce.

      Microsoft does it all the time, they suspend trials by paying for them to keep it on hold.

      Now if you silently congress about it... Keep a very quiet sanction, regulating under private sector... You could have a chance of being heard. But if Marlboro has a politic in congress.. You'd be wasting time there too.

      Orderly unordered. Don't you just love our tedious system. There is no right and wrong, just a value passed. Money.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    Just made my contribution. 22 hours left - anyone want to join me in helping get Rebecca's project over the goal line? Whether you smoke or not, logic doesn't support putting Chris in jail, nor policies that waste money and lives. I hope your project helps further the dialog, and helps get some sanity in terms of alignment of regulations. Good luck.

    • Rebecca Cohen

      Thanks Ben! I appreciate the kind words.

      Chris Williams' draconian punishment is not only bad public policy, but it deeply unjust. It truly shocks the conscience.

      We're really grateful for you - and our 490 other supporters - for helping us tell this story!