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Embrace a mistake

Do It

The obsessive fear of fucking up is fed by our curated social media personas, where we Instagram/Snap/etc all of our staged "perfect moments," and none of our mess. What's that teaching others? That only fake perfection is worth sharing, but real, flawed people aren't? Be brave enough to take pride in what you learned from failing.

(A humorous take on fakey-fake Instagrams:



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Stories (4)

  • eleahy

    It's so freeing to say, "It was me, I did it." (not even more satisfying to raise hand in air and wave wildly if you are in a group setting)

  • Vanessa Mazal

    What happened when you last did this? I recently pocket dialed a new professional contact while driving in the car and belting Reservoir Dogs songs with my toddlers. Embracing as a window into my soul that will help him trust me a little more...

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    I recently read The Art of Possibility by Rosamund & Benjamin Zander in which Benjamin, a conductor for the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, encourages us all the reframe mistakes. Upon making one throw your arms up in the air and say with a smile, "How Fascinating!" In my own life I have learned to think of mistakes as merely Learning. When we view our own mistakes and the mistakes of others with "what can be learned here?" and a gentleness, it also helps us to take risks & spread our wings. Never be so afraid of a mistake that you do not Leap. Trust me, you will Land. :) HUG! A missed subway stop led to amazing connection & conversation, a misheard word led to a wonderful new name for a dessert; Evil Steamers for a Belgian donut; you can't eat just one or 5 :).

  • Jelena Woehr

    Look at this sad pie :( I broke my Pyrex dish even after letting it cool. I poked it with a spatula to move it, and BOOM, explosion!!! I'm an experienced baker and have even been told that my recipes were used for large events (most recently an urban farming celebration!) so this is hugely embarrassing. I brag about my baking skills ALL. THE. TIME.

    Spent most of the day trying to figure out what I did wrong -- all I can figure is that I used a burner that the pie was on and forgot about it, then set the pie on a hot stovetop, OR the spatula was just cold enough that even after an hour out of the oven the pie pan was hot and shattered upon exposure to the cold spatula.

    Oh, and BTW... burned my fingers cleaning up the pieces, so that's TWO mistakes.

    What did I learn?

    1) Have a backup plan. Thanks to the cookie dough in my fridge, I wasn't empty-handed at the office potluck. I'd have been so embarrassed to bring nothing, if I hadn't thought to make cookie dough in case the pie didn't turn out.

    2) Think before you try to fix a crisis. Don't grab shards of hot glass!!!

    3) Even when you know how to do something, there are still a million surprising ways for it to go wrong. Don't take it personal. It happens to everyone... they just might not Instagram it.