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Who doesn't love travel? Ever since our hunter-gatherer days, humans have been on the go. It feeds curiosity. It's fun. It's something to brag about. More importantly, it frees the mind. Our brains and thoughts are limited when we stay in one place, but vastly expand when we explore. It can reshape your perspective— even change your life course. So are you ready? Is your passport expired? Buried in a closet somewhere? Make sure it's up-to-date and handy. And let us know: Where did you go?



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Stories (13)

  • sleapy12

    My passport was stolen whilst I was in Peru, it was only when it was gone that I realised how valuable they are (and how difficult it is to get a new one from abroad!) Getting a replacement took up an unimaginable amount of time, stress and money, but I still had the most amazing time in Peru! I think it's so important to travel when young, as it shapes who you are and become.

  • Kkykx

    I have never had much money and always traveled. I don't buy the excuse of not having money as the reason for not traveling. If you really want to do something you'll find a way, if not, you'll find an excuse, as they say. I've traveled to 38 countries so far and consider a valid passport as one of my most valuable possessions. This year was my fifth round the world trip, spending two months in Europe, three in India, four in Bali and Lombok, Indonesia and one in Thailand.
    Travel should be obligatory in the USA; one year mandatory backpacking after high school and before college or work, it is the best education one can get. Being objective of the USA's place in the world is very important.

  • mindsnapshots

    Recently travelled to Greece. We went to Athens, the Peloponnese and Santorini. My dream has always been to see the picturesque white cliffs of Santorini but was surprised that I loved Meteora more! Such a majestic place ! For those who haven't been there, please include Meteora in your bucket list. You won't regret it!

    Grateful to be able to cross off my long time dream of going to Santorini and Meteora!

  • Emily Kingsley-Ma

    The Cambodian visa is my favorite! It proudly takes up a full page with intricate detail and corresponding stamps.

  • Tom Maybrier

    In April of 2013 I put all of my possessions in storage and bought a one way ticket to Europe. I was on my way to fulfilling a life-long dream of living in Berlin, Germany. During my first day out in my new neighborhood, I was exploring a cemetery when I was puzzled to see that many of the headstones were damaged. That's when I remembered that the neighborhood of Kreuzberg, like much of Berlin, was heavily shelled by Allied forces during the Second World War.

    I will never forget the emotional impact of seeing and touching the scars of urban warfare as I explored the city. Bomb damage, bulletholes and brass plaques set into front steps of the houses of Berliners who lost their lives in the Holocaust all reminded me of the city's traumatic past.

    Berlin is a place where the optimistic future and the grim realities of the past live side by side. I spent 2 months there and the experience changed my outlook on the world in many ways. I returned with a new appreciation for the spirit of the German people and a deeper understanding of the horrors of war.

  • stella.scandali

    I've had a new passport for two years now and would love to travel, but the expense is prohibitive to me at this time. Two years ago I moved to Athens, Greece with my daughter knowing full well the difficulties faced here due to the crisis. Despite it all, my daughter is thriving happily here getting to know her other culture being Greek-American and we have been lucky to meet other American families here with their children who are thriving just as well keeping active with sports, school, Guides (Greek version of scouts), tutoring etc.

  • Cindy Zalog

    I renewed my passport last year to have it up-to-date and handy. Now I'm doing to Peru right after I finished up my AmeriCorps service term ^_^

  • queenofkeegs

    I'm going to Nepal, India this summer for a volunteer trip with GVI. It'll be the first time I leave the USofA, thus, finally getting my passport. I'm pretty pumped. I get to trek to the base camp of Mount Everest and then work with kids. :)

  • Lourdes Gutiérrez

    I love to travel! there are so many places to visit. I wish to go to India. My last trip was with one foot. I went to Brussels- Istambul - Cairo - Luxor - Dubai - Abu Dabi - Tel Aviv - Jerusalem - Mykonos - Rome... unfortunately being alone and Peruvian with a plaster sometimes they though I was a drug dealer... that was part of the adventure I had the best trip ever!!

  • Erykah St.Louis

    Sometimes it's a little unbelievable that many people don't have passports; I've one since 16. Kudos to everyone who is adding it to their to-do list!

  • lang1952

    I'm off to New Zealand in a couple of weeks!! Seeing friends and seeing the sights.