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  • Trina Lambert

    i think it's a very bold move but testament to who they truly are as a company. even if it's only temporary, it's a great gesture while the nation is in deep mourning. i respect them.

  • Vast Shadow

    Don't you mean? "GOOD asks:"

    Ever since the Civil war our country has been trying to get guns out of the public hands. I think its a liability USA would be taking for everyone to be disarmed. Guns are weapons and weapons help protect. If all of USA public was disarmed and only people who had PISTOLS was just police -- Do you think a bunch of pistol wielding defenders could help defend much of anything? If some cartel attacks some rural, remote city... Attacking the police quarters first... Than drives around and starts collecting every woman, man, and child at gun point... Holding them for ransom(Like they do in Mexico). Does that sound worth it?

    Military takes a long time to deploy. During that time people been done executed and the militia who attacked that small rural town, is already gone.

    Oh and cartels actually only kidnap tourist... They make locals pay them money or they just kill em. The Mexico Government wouldn't negotiate or pay any ransom for any individuals.

    I think people are being stupid about Connecticut. It is a tragedy, a devastating, unimaginable tragedy. It makes me want to go stand guard at schools... But I can not do that. I am not a pro-gun person... I only started encouraging Guns ever since the Colorado shooter. If more people had guns... More people carrying guns, licensed too. Holmes would not have killed anyone -- He would probably had been the only person shot. An its the same with the past shootings... If a teacher was carrying guns. That 20yr old retard who shot up the school... would have been dropped at the door.

    You people keep blaming a material object. The guy who had the gun is at fault. If he didn't have guns... There IS HUNDREDS OF DIFFERENT WAYS TO KILL SOMEONE. A person could go ape shit with a car... A person could make explosives... A PERSON CAN SABOTAGE THINGS.

    You think guns are the cause???. IF SO, You are a damn idiot. LOOK AROUND YOU. There is far worse things these psycho-idiots could use to fuck things up and NOT BE CAUGHT.

    What needs to be done... Every school should have a security staff... Not just for crazies with guns but for sex-offenders and just personal security. Society needs to change and help maintain its community entirely. Finding the crazies before they jump off into planning shit.
    As we got Hollywood starting to blame video games again. Other REAL analyst are actually thinking a group of cyber bullies caused the guys rampage.

    People are rude and hateful... It needs to stop.

    • Gaurang Vaishnav

      "People are rude and hateful... It needs to stop.". yes, but hat is what is oozing out from your post- what with plethora of expletives and calling names to those who have a different view point.

  • Ben Goldhirsh

    I dig it. I think it's ballsy, and I hope it works for them.